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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just another Sunday

It snowed yesterday. A lot. I'm no longer excited by the sight of snow (although last February in Sapporo the snow was amazing - all light and fluffy) as it means it's cold and I have to shuffle along trying not to slip and land on my arse. I'm not disputing it's prettiness: just give me a sunny day instead please. My train to work was delayed by 9 minutes because of the snow. Disgusting.

Today - there was no more snow, and much of what had settled yesterday had melted.

On the way to a friends house in Saitama (somewhere far far away on the outskirts of Tokyo - or something) where I was heading for a pot luck lunch and lots of cocktails, the train came to a halt for about 15 minutes. Another friend, on a different train, who was also delayed told me the announcement had explained the reason for the delay was an accident...

... and that as soon as the missing body part was found the train would be on its way.

Are the concepts of 'too much information' and a 'need to know basis' really THAT hard to understand.

Anyway, the afternoon/evening/company/food/apartment/drinks were all absolutely wonderful and I'm in love with a very cute male called Leo....

Okay, he's only six months old but was absolutely adorable with the cutest face, the biggest eyes and smile, and he was all cuddly and sweet. The only time he cried while we were there was when we started playing with his toys and someone (Cecilia) decided to throw a toy at his face (he did have some great toys)...we'd have probably cried too if a big soft toy had suddenly gone flying into our face!

The whole baby thing though: I want one. I think my maternal instinct has been waking up somewhat in the last few months. Is this what the creep into middle age does to you? Has my body clock started clicking? This is very scary.


On the way home talk turned to a charity fun run at the end of May. It's a 10 or 5km run to raise money for a helpline service run in English for foreigners. Baring in mind that 50 metres would probably have me puffing like a dog on a hot day, I didn't immediately rule out the possibility of doing the 5km run. Not yet, anyway.


RIP big whale that died while they were trying to rescue it from swimming in the Thames. Very sad news.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Babies? Oh my. I'm barely keeping my cat alive. Maybe you can start with a japanese electronic keychain baby ;-)
It's cold here too, but nu pretty snow. Trust me it's not any better!

6:42 am

Anonymous Sarah said...

Children? You are kidding aren't you? Do you not remember being a nanny? Have you erased it all from memory? Repeat after me: they are only cute when they are someone else's...

9:24 pm


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