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Saturday, February 18, 2006

My typical adult female student

... thinks it`s perfectly okay if she has to work a 13 hour day, every day, because some people have to do more.

... thinks it`s okay that, even though they have a reasonable holiday allowance, they aren`t actually able to use most of it.

... believes it's okay though, because they can carry over and store up the days for as long as necessary and, of course, when all the extra hours work makes them sick, that's okay as they will have stored up enough sick days. (the way I understand it is the Japanese system is similar to the US system in that you have x amount of holiday/sick/personal days to take - or dream about taking. in the UK personal days don't exist and sick days have nothing to do with your holiday allowance.)

... thinks it`s perfectly normal to nurture and support* their kids and put their kids before everything else, especially themselves. Even when these `kids` are, in fact, 19 year old adults who, in the UK, would be living independently anyway.

... thinks it`s absolutely fine that their husband does nothing to help with the kids.

... thinks it`s great that their husbands work so late as it means they are around a lot less.

... thinks it`s okay to get up at 5 or 6am every day in order to make their husband his breakfast and packed lunch.

... thinks it`s okay to work a full-time job and be a mother and housewife with no help from (god forbid) either husband OR kids.

... likes shopping and sleeping and doesn`t really have many other interests.

Of course, not ALL my students are like this. But most of them are.

* spoil / mollycoddle / sacrifice their own life

Disclaimer: these are MY typical Japanese female students. I am, in no way, suggesting all Japanese females are like this. Okay?


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