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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Confessions of a teenage alcoholic

Okay. I'm no teenager and I'm not an alcoholic. Every now and then though I, like everyone else, can drink just a teensy weensy bit too much.

A typical night of me drinking too much involves me talking total and utter bollocks. And a lot of it. I mean, even more than normal. I'm a happy drunk. I don't get all depressed and teary. I just talk a lot. Or fall asleep. Or, occasionally, go and throw up.

Last night was a house-warming party at a friends. My mate decided to take kahlua and coke. I grabbed vodka and diet coke on the way. We were thrilled to realise, on arrival, that we could, therefore, spend the evening drinking (very very very strong) Black Russians. A Black Russian is meant to be (apparently) 4 measure of each of the spirits. A measure, with no implement, is a very arbitrary number. I mean, is it 1--2--3--4? Or should it be 1-2-3-4? You get the picture. We weren't sure and didn't really care anyway so they tended to be strong. Mine did anyway.

I have vague memories of some of the conversations. Given what I DO remember, it's probably a good thing I don't remember more of them. I also have a vague recollection of getting back to the station and debating whether to go out and do more drinking or see a movie or something else. Sense actually prevailed and we just went home. Except...

On getting to my platform I, somehow, managed to slip down the gap between the (stationary) train and the platform. I recall that bewildered 'huh? what happened?' feeling when you try to figure out what you should be doing. Anyway, I got grabbed up by a couple of random people so all was well.

In the taxi, on the way from the station, I remembered the Japanese for left AND right for a change. My mind always goes blank on the word for 'right' for some reason....

This morning (well, this afternoon, let's be honest. I mean, I didn't really see the morning and WHY WHY WHY don't McDonald's do a free home delivery hangover service, eh? huh? huh?) I found some rather odd emails on my mobile phone sent and received boxes that make no sense. Nothing embarrassing luckily though.

Oh, and I have a recollection of two embarrassingly drunk MSN conversations.... My apologies to you both. Did I say anything I should worried about? More to the point, did I actually make any sense.

Oh well. I have a few hours to get myself together now as I have to go out and drink again tonight. *Sigh*. It's a tough life being a teacher in Japan, you know. Thing is though..... tomorrow I'm on standby which means it's my day off but if any teacher is ill I will have to work. Let's just hope I feel better tomorrow than I do right now.

Where's my glass of water?

Update: I'm receiving comfort now that I know everyone else was also steamingly drunk (hopefully they won't remember the crap I don't remember saying to them either) and that other people are also suffering today!


Blogger OMIH said...

I was one of the people you MSN-ed. Don't worry you said nothing embarrasing. Although I'm not sure I would have understood if you did. You appeared to be typing with your fists.

I have to say though...the pictures you send were interesting ;o)

4:03 pm

Blogger Jo said...


my fingers had a life of their own. it wasn't my fault.

4:34 pm

Blogger OMIH said...

but what do you blame the pictures on?

They were great don't get me wrong. But I'm still blushing now.

Printing is so cheap in Vietnam. Going to get them blown up to poster size :o)

5:27 pm


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