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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another rainy Sunday

The weather has been very erratic the last few weeks in Tokyo. Today has been non-stop rain, for example, which is still NO excuse for me having seen a DOG in a RAINCOAT. I mean, why? Especially as the dogs head wasn't covered, nor most of it's legs, tail and half it's back. Plus it just looked plain silly.

In supermarkets here you can pick up (free) little plastic gadgets that you put over the handles of a carrier bag to make it easier to carry when the bag is heavy. I usually use my bike so don't have to bother if the bags are heavy. Today though, with the rain, I had to put all the shopping in to one bag... and blow me if those holders don't make life so much more comfortable. Can't understand why they don't have them everywhere.


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