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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thelma and Louise, eat your hearts out

I don't know what we did wrong, but it was BAD. Last night, Jayne and I were fugitives, on the run from the police. It was very exciting: we were running over fields trying to elude capture, speeding around corners in our snazzy little sports car, hiding in buildings...

Unfortunately, we eventually got caught and taken to jail, which was a very scary experience...

And then I woke up. The last two nights, since changing the position of my futon in my room, I've been having these rather odd dreams. Do you think I should change the position back?


"All foreigners look the same to me."

This came from one of my students today. Hasn't she noticed that non-Japanese have different hair colours and textures, different eye colours, different face shapes, different colours of skin? I wonder... It was a worrying comment all the same.

Oh, and it was in the context of why she'd only seen 4 foreign movies in her life! Even her friend was stunned by the only 4 foreign movies thing.


Anonymous Rebecca said...

Perhaps try laying the other direction on the futon? May be strange, but it does effect me when the orientation of my bed changes.I wouldn't give up on the placement of the futon though, especially if it creates more room in your apartment!

On the note about all foreigners being the same.. perhaps you should find a picture of a very Irish redhead, a very blonde american (preferably one of the very fake kinds), a brunette, a native american, and a black person (of any varing darkness) and place them on the table together and ask if they all look the same. I wonder if your answer would be the same... Although, that is my anthropology-oriented brain going into fascination-mode!

I had a dream last night that there were guys following us around on the campus of ASU trying to kindnap and rape us, but we came to a building and I opened a door and it looked like a military recruiting office. There were marines, army guys, air force people, and navy sailors standing about and sitting at desks. When I opened the door, they all looked up at me and went silent. I said "uh.. can you help us? there are two guys out here trying to rape us!" and they all ran out and chased the would-be rapists away. Interesting enough, I'm not pro-war, and I don't like the military. Weird, no?

1:40 am

Blogger Y said...

LOL! I laid off the illegal shit a long time ago, chica!

I do live by a police precinct, though . . .

6:19 am

Blogger Jo said...

rebecca - do you just have a thing for men in uniforms? ;-)

jayne - you can protest all you like. YOU led me into the life of crime.

and last night: no dream that i remember!

11:35 am

Anonymous Tom said...

I don't think its that hard to believe that foreigners look the same to her. After all she has probably only seen very few foreigners in her life.

To give an example, there is more difference on average between 2tigers than 2humans. But i look at tigers and they all look pretty much identical, i like at humans and they are incredibly different. This is of course because i see humans often and tigers not so often (and i should hope so to)

So if she has only seen very few foreigners its understandable.

How happy am i, i got to use my tiger fact in a valid way? VERY =D

10:59 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Tom, I am VERY impressed. BUT, this is a country saturated with foreign movies, television dramas, etc.

Even if you've not met that many foreigners - and she DOES live in Tokyo - you'd have seen them on magazine covers, CD covers, in movies, etc etc.

11:29 pm


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