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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pitter Patricks

Today I'm writing in green for St. Patricks. If anyone's wondering about the title of this post though it's a play on 'pitter patter'....

as in CONGRATULATIONS BEN, GABBIE AND BUMP!!! And I'll be thinking of you getting married on Saturday and wishing I could be there with you to celebrate. And as I, finally, got your present today, you'll hopefully get it sooner than the June I'd figured it'd probably be.

Sarah, I've also sorted your birthday present, so hopefully I'll not be forgetting as many important dates this year as I did last!

Anyway, back to green things. Today I went up to Omotesando for the St Patrick's Day Parade.

It was slightly odd seeing an American brass band marching down a street for St Patrick's Day, playing Abba songs, in Tokyo, but I'm learning to accept and not question things so much here.

There was a LOT of green and that includes dressed up large dogs. The wind was quite strong which was rather amusing for us as we watched people in the parade struggling to not let VERY large inflatable Guinness glasses escape their grips. There were all sorts of brass bands, bagpipers (Irish??), dancers, baton twirlers, costumed characters, cheerleaders (you know, all those well known Irish things), jugglers and what not. Good fun. And my friend and I had to yell 'Happy St. Patrick's day' into some guys microphone.

Naturally the day was finished with a quick Guinness (for me) and a green beer (for my friend).

Ah, and Jules just reminded me: I scared myself today. I was hunting for Ben and Gabbie's wedding present and seeing loads of lovely things that I just couldn't send as they'd break before reaching the UK. I found myself commenting to my friend, "wouldn't that be a perfect centre-piece for a dinner party." A VERY un-me kind of comment. The item in question consisted of little dishes that fitted around a centre dish and fitted into a large round. And the whole thing rotated. It was beautiful. Jules, you'd have loved it (amongst the china stuff in Oriental Bazaar). Ben and Gabs - you would have too - but you're all responsible, get-nice-things-for-the-house types of people and I'm not. First wanting kids, and now this? As I said, I'm scaring myself these days!

The dogs:

The kids:

The costume characters and large inflatables:

And the award for most un-co-ordinated outfit of the day (and it's all wool, if you're wondering):


Anonymous Tom said...

But erm St Patricks day was on the 17th O.o;

10:21 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Sssshhhhh, Tom! The Japanese celebrated it today! :D

12:22 am

Anonymous Tom said...

INSANITY AHHH! How can they just change the day to celebrate it on lol.

Would be funny if they did it with stuff like christmas as well =D

Oh and btw i found this earlier

not sure how accurate it is bla bla but apparently your blog is worth $7,903.56. Quite impressive indeed. It doesn't work for all blogs unfortunately, it gave me 0 for sushicam for example.

2:40 am

Blogger Jo said...

can i claim my money now?

10:32 am

Anonymous Sarah said...

That's scary, my birthday isn't for over a month - definitely not like u at all! I sincerely hope it's a pair of those trousers (man, they are cool!)

I'm off to Malaysia tomorrow - whoooohhoooooo!!! Will send you a postcard...


5:51 am

Anonymous Tom said...

Maybe the Japanese have a problem distinguishing between Ireland and Scotland O.o

I've been to oriental bazaar lol, i think its the only shop that had more foreigners than Japanese people in it.

And the guy with the unco-ordinated outfit has really skinny legs but as in it doesn't look like they could support his top off O.o;

You can't have your money =P As i said i dunno how it works, i think it was something to do with links *shrugs*
Although funnily i was thinking you could probably nearly earn $8000 in the amount of time you've spent blogging lol.

6:02 am


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