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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ueno Park - Hanami

Hanami, today, in Ueno Park:

There was lots of drinking and eating and talking. The weather was pretty nice and the sakura was beautiful. Lots of photos were taken, of each other taking photos mainly, but also of the trees. Here's my friends' baby at his first hanami. You can see he's getting into the spirit of the event quite nicely:

Naturally, there were lots of people, dogs in clothes, bla bla bla, and this little mushroom got hung up in a tree. Lots of people took photos of him, so I decided to do the same:

So did my friends:

Finally though, it started getting darker and colder and the artificial paper lanterns were all lit:

We'd had a good day, packed up and decided to move on:


Anonymous Alice said...

Hey, your friends are such sheep:) The only cool one is the baby!

Catch ya soon Jo....and next time you take a photo, look over your shoulder...JUST IN CASE:)

9:27 pm

Anonymous Sgt. Suzuki said...

How old is that baby?
Don't you know the legal age for drinking in Japan is 20!
We will be round to question you in the morning.

Sgt. Suzuki

9:37 pm

Anonymous coolsurfer said...

Hey thats not fair... the photo does not show what he is drinking.. it could be something else .. maybe some baby vitamins ! ;))

Nice blog Jo..Liked the mushroom bit..

11:34 am

Blogger Jo said...

hey, you can see it's beer. that's enough. i can't show the brand. that'd be advertising!

9:13 pm


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