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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Week Two with The Toddlers

Did I mention that the toddler I trial lessoned, joined? Well, he did, and last week was the first lesson with both toddlers. There's about 6 months between them, so a pretty big gap. Last week, the older one was pretty attentive and co-operative, whilst the younger one ran around grabbing things and being whacked around the head my the mom.

Today, was week two. The older toddler (he's about 2 years and 5 months I think) wasn't in such a co-operative mood today for much of the lesson. His mom thought he was being shyer today. The younger one (almost 2) was a lot calmer, thankfully, but still not really into doing anything other than his own thing.

But, as there were no tears and no tantrums, I wasn't too bothered and carried on regardless of being ignored most of the time. The two mums, however, were totally into the lesson, which made it quite funny:

Picture the scene - At one stage, I'm pre-teaching some actions and then playing a song. The kids aren't interested. Both mums and I are lying on the floor, pretending to sleep; walking around the classroom; running around the classroom; jumping around the classroom; hopping around the classroom; skipping around the classroom. And the kids are just watching, with the mums occasionally trying to get them to join it. It WAS very funny. I can't imagine what the kids must have been thinking, while they watched three adults racing around the classroom with one very strange one saying something lots of things they couldn't understand!

The mums enjoyed it though, and they're the ones forking out the cash. Sooner or later the kids will join in more. It's cool. And very funny. I wonder what I should get the mums to do next week?

Interestingly though, whilst I don't expect ANY interaction between the two boys, I've also seen very little interaction by the mums to the 'other' kid. Feels like I'm teaching two classes, not just two kids! But I'm enjoying it, and I DO adore kids that don't cry!!!


Blogger genkigirl said...

Well Jo at least the mothers got an education!! Keep up the great work.

10:26 am

Blogger Jo said...

... and a workout!

10:46 am


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