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Monday, April 03, 2006

Of Windy Days and Crowns

It's been rather blustery of late. Definitely not contact lens weather and cycling can be a bit of a challenge too. In fact, my poor little bike is covered in dents from being blown over in the last few days with other bikes on top of her. I took some pictures of typical bike scenes today. There are bikes lying around like corspes everywhere. I have been picking some up from time to time - remember bikes are free-standing and lock to themselves here, but they blow over again pretty much straight away:


Saturday night was my friends' hen night. Amazingly it was the first hen night any of us had been on. After drinking and getting ready we then walked through Shinjuku, all wearing little crowns:

Except for the bride-to-be, who had a veil with little beads:

Amazingly for Tokyo, we got some very funny looks from people. Amazing because you see people, like this every day:

Anyway, we went to The Christon Cafe (again) and ate, drank and took photos basically. And Christon Cafe is one of the few places I've been to in Tokyo that serves jacket potatoes. Although they serve it was about eight little dishes of things including tuna and green beans. They make it for you at the table and set it alight. Most bizarre:

And it was all finished off with a cute little cake, to which we actually sang 'Happy Wedding To You'. Well, people had been staring enough at us, so I guess it was a matter of 'what the hell'!

In all, a good night, although I disappeared after the restaurant, came home and started pissing around with the camera:

So now you've had a glimpse of me!

And I'm off to be productive now:


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