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Friday, April 14, 2006

Oo me! me! massage ME regularly with sake!

Ah, the life of a Japanese cow. Massaged regularly with sake, and fed on a beer enriched diet. Then slaughtered and sliced into an £85.00 sandwich and sold in Selfridges in London.



On another note, Japanese like standing and reading entire books or magazines in shops. It feels that way often anyway. Here's a story about one old man who was so unhappy about being told to go away, that he returned. With a chainsaw.


Anonymous rebecca said...

What's funny is, people do that all the time in the US too. I used to work at Barnes & Noble, and every half hour we had shifts to go down to the newsstand area and clean up the dozens of magazines that people read while sitting at the cafe and never buy. I can understand checking out the front of the magazine, but personally I wouldn't stand and read magazines like that... if you want to do that, go to the library where it really is free!

2:29 am

Blogger Jo said...

i've stood flicking through magazines to pass time in the past. but always felt a bit guilty about it, like i was doing something naughty. here it's almost a hobby for some people though.

11:53 am


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