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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Sun is Back!

Since Saturday the weather has been lovely. With the exception of yesterday when it just rained and rained. Today the sun was back though and it was lovely...

Last night I met up with Liisa and Beastie and we went to a really cool punk bar in Shibuya called Garage Land. Good company, 100 yen beers, a table and good music. What more can you ask for? I may be able to find it again.... we'll see. My memory and sense of direction are pretty crap but Liisa pointed out a billion landmarks on the way back, so there's a chance....!

Lunchtime today, I met up with a Kiwi friend, who lives in Tokyo, but who I met in Vietnam. We had a lovely lunch but she had to go back to work. She works at the B>>ritish School in Tokyo which I didn't even know existed til I met her. It follows the UK curicul um and she showed me around the school. Talk about culture shock! So many white kids in one place! And they all had posh accents. Very cute kids though and a lovely school.

Then I got to thinking: if I was a 'real' teacher, what would I teach? My degree is joint Psychology and American Studies (history and literature basically) so not mainstream subjects. Lower level literature maybe? Or general education to reception classes?

And this is a problem that many of us have, especially after a few years have been invested, although I'm still only at the 'nearly' two years mark: just what DO we do afterwards? Mainstream teaching seems the only option I currently have, or rather the only idea I currently have BUT as I'll continue for a few more years doing this it's more of a 'back of the mind' thing than a 'help' thing!

After I left her, I wandered through Shibuya, up Meiji Dori, to Yoyogi Park. Most of the route was pretty quite and nice, until I got nearer to Harajuku, which was mobbed. Met some friends, sat in the park until it got to cold and then went to another bar which served 100 yen beers. Fantastic!

And the best part: I still have half of Golden Week to go!

OO, I nearly forgot to mention: this morning, NO builders. Maybe they are taking off the rest of the week for Golden Week. Keep your fingers and bits crossed, ne!


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