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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Golden Week

I'm in the first half of a ten day Golden Week break from work. Golden Week consists of three national holidays back to back, Constitution Day, a 'Declared Official Holiday', and Children's Day. A lot of people take off the whole week, some don't get any days though. We get a lot....

After Saturday running around in Nikko, the lovely weather perservered throughout Sunday and Monday. It chucked it down today though.

On Sunday I met up with a friend who is in town for six weeks and did the normal tourist spots: starting with sushi for lunch and then going for a long wander through Harajuku and snapping more of the cosplayers. As usual, there was an abundance of Little Bo Peeps - the pink versions and her gothic sisters in black. No sheep were to be seen though. Some of the girls looked very doll-like. I DO find it quite odd. I mean, when there parents generation did it would have been new, daring, original... Now though, it's all about overloading on pink and posing for tourists cameras, sitting around and wasting time whilst being watched and gawped at by passerbys.

Yoyogi Park is always lovely and, on a hot day, even more so. Bumped into a couple of people I knew there, which was nice too but it was just very calm and nice before coming out Shibuya side and hitting the hussle and bustle there. And, after a wander around, we ended up in Christon Cafe (again) in Shinjuku, watching more Little Bo Peeps.

Yesterday I got woken up early AGAIN by the sodding builders outside, who have been at it for nearly two weeks now and will continue erecting an apartment block ten metres from our block until the middle of August. Noisily and early. Bastards

I went to the gym and came back for a very unpeaceful, hammer-bashing lunchtime and then went and saw 'The Producers'. Very very funny. Films always hit Tokyo cinemas at around the same time they hit DVD everywhere else.

This morning was raining very heavily so the builders, after waking me up, had to stop their work, and I got to go back to sleep before heading to the gym. And now I'm back out for more drinking. Laters..


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