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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This blog is very google-able now, which means people from work and people who know me (but are not friends, etc) have and do stumble upon it, or find out about it. For this reason I have considered setting up another more anonymous blog - but can't really be bothered to do so.

My reason for this would be that I'm constantly self-censoring what I really want to say on here which defies the object of the blog really. But it all comes down to doing the 'right' thing and being politically correct, and not offending anyone, doesn't it? Sometimes I just wish I'd chosen a less obvious name. Not that I'm objecting to anyone reading what's here: it's just strangers are strangers and people who know who you are... well, it comes down to keeping people happy I guess.

There are many many things I'd like to say about life in Tokyo and Japanese people that just couldn't be sufficiently sugar-coated that I could get away with it.

As for work: work bitching is okay between people who work in the same company but I firmly believe it shouldn't really go outside of that. Apart from bitching about the BBC that is.

Having said all this though: I have one receptionist who is absolutely lovely but has left me speechless a couple of times in the last few months. Yesterday she told me I shouldn't give one of MY students any homework because the girl was too sensitive. A few months ago, when I was encouraging a parent to use a picture dictionary with a kid, the receptionist 'suggested' to the mother, she should write all the words in katakana for the kid. Now this would totally fuck up any attempt at correct pronunciation -- but the receptionist believed it would be fun. GAH!

I'm rambling. I'm gone...


Blogger genkigirl said...

Girl, working for 'who' you do and 'what' you do is enough to make us all gone! I myself included have already left the building....

9:23 pm

Blogger Jo said...

i have permanently 'left the building' sweetness.

btw - i linked your blog on my sidebar.

1:19 am


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