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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Asashoryu Sings!

Weather report: Fan-bloody-tastic! Perfect spring weather.

Face report: Red with panda eyes.

Day report: Lots of fun.

Today we went to Hikarigaoka Park for a Mongolian festival. The sun was blazing, the food was lovely, the drinks cold, and the entertainment really cool. Lots of musicians and dancers of all ages and all of the music was wonderful. Best of all, it was all free.

And (photos to be put up) for the final half hour of the festival ASASHORYU and a few other sumo wrestlers got up on the stage and sang. Asashoryu played guitar too. It was SOOOO exciting.

Naturally, the day ended up in an Izakaya, and now I'm so tired. I'm just not used to so much fresh air in one day, let alone the sun. I hope I look less panda-like tomorrow!


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