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Monday, May 15, 2006

Bob-o the sodding builder

The last few days have been same-old same-old.

Happily, Bob the Builder and his mates took off Golden week holiday days last week, so there was some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, they made up for lost time by starting their hammering and sawing EARLY on Saturday morning. First I heard the rain. Then I heard them. This confused me as, normally, Bob and co stop working when it rains.

I investigated. ie I stumbled up from my futon and stepped the two paces to my window, pulled the curtain back a little bit, and stared outside. After wiping the window enough to see through. Condensation, not dirt. Although probably a bit of dirt too....

And instead of the scaffolding that's greeted me every morning for the last four weeks I found myself gazing upon the circus. Without the clowns. Bob and co and covered three storeys worth of new building in blue canvas and were happily bashing away underneath it.

Bastards. Only three months left until they pack up and piss off. I'm counting.


Last week was pretty uneventful. In Disneyland, last Monday, I had a bit of a headache. I had the same headache on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today. On and off. I'm putting it down to a virus and not drinking enough water, and not a brain tumour, as I've still got a bit of my nasty cough and have had a cold recently. In the past I've also had headaches that have continued for a few days. Not fun.


Apart from working I've been doing sod all, other than feeling sorry for myself - oh and one evening in an Izakaya, as I bumped into a friend at my local station.

I've also been galloping through Season 2 of The Apprentice (UK version), am currently downloading 'Desperate Housewives', Season 2, episode 21, and have the first six episodes of Lost, season 2, ready to watch. (well, correction: they didn't download properly. GAH!)


Blogger Liisa said...

I've had the same kind of headache as you have been having now and a friend of mine had it too. So it's not a brain tumour, unless it's an infectious one. Then we are all doooooomed.

10:45 pm

Blogger Jo said...

i hope yours goes soon too.

11:25 am

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

Ah, me too! Maybe it`s the after effects of that punk rock bar? My brian is definitely rotting though, so watch out.

1:43 pm

Blogger Jo said...

maybe it's tokyoblog-itis?

10:31 pm

Blogger genkigirl said...

Jo you should know by now that in Japan there is NO such thing as 'noise' pollution!! With the recycling assholes who come at 8am on Saturday morning (at my apartment anyway!), to the building when random carparks get put up right next door (holding a mere one or two parks!), to the dude who drives around in the van selling sweet potato with that STUPID old song blasting from his speaker, "yes I'll buy one if you just shut the hell up and bugger off". No one can sleep here. Hang in there!

10:33 am


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