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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Random Fluff

Taxi drivers, in my area anyway, all seem to be around 60. I've never seen one under 50 or so anyway.

And they all wear white gloves and have white lace over the back of the taxi seats. Not the most practical. Oh, and have I mentioned before that taxi doors open and close automatically? Or that taxis all have those navigating systems - but that taxi drivers don't seem to know how to use them?


A student of mine recently got married. Apparantly she's been suffering bad health since due to a change in her circumstances (ie having to get up at 5am, cook breakfast and prepare lunch for someone else and suddenly become a housewife as well as holding a full-time job, etc).

She's going to give up her English lessons. I suggested, to the receptionist, that the student would be better off giving up her husband, if that's what married life has done for her.


There was a fairly recent story in media here about a boy who pushed his classmate off of a balcony because she'd been ignoring him at school. Well, last weeks Metropolis had this story:

Police arrested an 18-year-old high-school boy for stripping a classmate, strapping his arms and legs with tape, wrapping him in newspaper, dousing him with lighter fluid and shooting fireworks at him. The boy said he was hurt because the classmate had been avoiding him.

You're adults, I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions here.

On second thoughts: it seems that the 'group mentality' here can be so strong that, should you be rejected by the group or sub-group, you just go nuts.


And the lovely birthday weather I had on Sunday and Monday turned back to cack today.

Wednesday update: weather is looking bright and sunny. Maybe my washing will dry?

Update on Wednesdays update: the morning WAS beautiful. Very hot and sunny and clear. By mid-afternoon though it had turned to cack and was chucking it down. Oh well.


Another brief thing, on the back of the student who's suffering ill health since getting married. Another student, one with three kids under 5 and a half, has NEVER been out anywhere alone with all three kids. I think that's a real shame. I mean, strap 'em into a double buggy and away you go!


Oh, and a newsflash: the price of a 12-pack of toilet paper is going up by 50 yen from the middle of July because of rising fuel prices. (This was just an almost 10 minute story on the news).


Anonymous rebecca said...

Wow. Well here in Phoenix, some kid brought a commercial firework to school and set it off on campus. It was a couple weeks ago. They never really said why he did it, but most likely to show off. I guess this means that globally, our youth is slowly going down the toilet :(

And yes, that lady shouldn't be married if married life is effecting her like that! Sad :(

1:35 am

Blogger zoe said...

it's so cold here that my toes have frozen off. one by one.

i really hate that thudding sound, you know.

5:54 am


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