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Monday, June 05, 2006


Using Aerobics to learn English.

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in ages. I hope you have sound. Watch these video clips. I'll let the blogger I've knicked this link from explain the clips, but they include some useful chanted sentences as: 'I can't stand the sight of you', 'Let me have my life' and 'You bucket of bolts!'.

Too too funny! Enjoy.

And do check this one out, using aerobics to learn Japanese, if only for the man in blue shorts aerobic'ing to 'dohmo dohmo'. You'll see what I mean. LMAO!


Anonymous rebecca said...

Don't you see, Jo?! Now's your chance to make a difference!

For those students you may have, who refuse to do homework, never progress, or flat out do not pay attention.. THIS is your answer!

Firstly, you must find an aerobics outfit that is made from some of the most tacky (possibly even day-glo colored) pattern you can find. It is preferable to have a high waist to give more of a retro feel.

Next, you MUST get one of those 1980's scrunchies for your hair. It must be made from the same fabric as the above aerobics suit. This is key to your success. Please note: a perm may be necessary to make the ponytail look authentic.

And finally: You MUST binge on lots and lots of sugar. Twinkies may be a good source for the sickeningly-sweet type of smile you must have whilst performing your new lesson plans.

All that is left for you to do are to find the most stereotypical subjects. Muggings will do, such as in the videos... but to be REALLY original, you should try for something bold! I suggest phrases like:

"I would like two lattes!"

"Hey, jerk! Get off your cell phone!"

or the ever present need for:

"I was shot by a man with road rage!"

...now that I am done with my snarkiness...

That was absolutely hilarious. I especially like the "I WAS ROBBED BY TWOOOOOOOOO MEN!" Because... you're never robbed by 1 or 3, always 2!


8:18 am

Blogger rico said...

well, i do to a certain extend understand the concept of combining inner change (such as learning japanese) with physical change. neuro-linguistic-programming is often combined with yoga or other activities, basically to help loosen tightness in certain areas of your body.

but seeing three (i presume) americans bending their knees and hitting themselves on the head while chanting "doumo doumo" is just to die for! :-D

i miss that about japan.

3:05 pm

Blogger Jo said...

great, isn't it!!

10:50 pm

Blogger Jess said...

OMG - just found your blog today. What great vids! Cracked me up - especially the guy in the blue shorts! Classic!

9:56 am


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