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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just another Wednesday

One of my Wednesday classes is a couple of two year old boys. They are extremely sweet: even if one doesn't speak and would rather climb up the walls (he's getting better).

Today a two year girl came to observe and as much as I'd LIKE to say it was an orderly, smooth lesson, I can't. It was chaos!

Imagine four adults (one grasping a baby) and three little people walking and running around a small room.

Imagine trying to get three toddlers to sit on the floor in a line (even with their mums) long enough to press the tape recorder for a song without one or more trying to run away or sneak behind me to press a different button. (Tip: this works very well when the mothers physically restrain the kids!)

Imagine trying to get three toddlers to stay in one place long enough for me to stick 8 magnetised cards to a magnetised wall (less than 8 seconds) for them to run and grab...

Chaos. Utter chaos. (Of course the mothers and I were actually trying hard to not laugh at times because it WAS getting so ridiculous).

Funniest thing was, mother of the girl signed up the kid. She loved the lesson. She thought it was well-paced (I disguised well all the activities I discarded as they melted into chaos) and she said she thought that the boys understood me very well. (er, there wasn't much to NOT understand: you cannot explain to a two year old, you show them, you act like an idiot. And anyway, we kind of do the same activities each week so they know what to expect.)

And the little girl: I fear she may be naughtier than the two boys put together!


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