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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Three little things

1. I FINALLY get to start studying for a TESOL qualification tomorrow. It's been a long time coming and I can't wait...

Update: The first day is done! There's seven of us doing the course and it was a long day, although it was fun. There was a lot to take in - and I think today will probably prove to be one of the easiest days on the course. I've already got a heap of new things I want to try with my students this week though. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the course now.

2. Two years ago, to the day, I made my first blogging post. Happy blogiversary to me....

And I remember well making that first post. The idea just suddenly came to me one day, ten weeks before I was due to leave, whilst sitting bored shitless at my desk at work, that blogging about Japan would be a fun thing to do. I chose the name first - Jo-in-Japan - and was really happy to see the name was available. I didn't intend to start the blog until I got to Japan but frustration and tedium at work tempted me into making a start on it. And I'm glad I did. I now have a permanent record of, not only my time here, but the range or emotions and the planning and the learning processes that went on in the lead up to coming here. I feel I've changed quite a lot in the last two years since I started blogging and mentally began the escape that I followed through two months later.

3. My bloody neigbours kept me awake (again) until 3am last night and THEN the frigging builders woke me at 7.15am. I had to work all day. Guess who is NOT happy and REALLY craving peace and quiet...?

And who was suffering from PMT during this little episode. After I wrote the above I
emailed the girls phone. Partly because I knew if I didn't 'say' something straight away I never would and partly because I was too damn tired in the morning (I had an early start for work as normal on a Saturday) and also because I knew I was due to go out in the evening and then be out all day today. And I had time on the way to work to carefully compose and double check what I was saying so it wouldn't seem aggressive. Maybe I should have got up at 3am, got dressed and gone next door, hammered on their door and shouted at them, or waited until the next time we were all in to do it, but this was simplest. I didn't get a reply. If there's a repeat performance I guess I'll have to either FIND time to go around or write a letter to them. Or if that fails - complain to the company that leases us the apartments.

Just give me peace. If I can't have it in my own apartment, where can I have it?

Does anyone else feel this way?


Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

Happy belated blogiversary. Glad to hear the course went well.

1:56 pm

Blogger Liisa said...

I wrote a nice comment on various topics, then the kid got involved and all vanished.

Greetings from 'no peace and quiet at home'.

9:01 am

Blogger Julia said...

Happy blogiversary! It's a really great thing you're doing, blogging about it all, and we love reading it! So keep it up, bint.

10:19 am

Blogger genkigirl said...

Good luck on that 'noise' front, the 'neighbours in question' really need a taste of their own medicine I think Jo, how about I come over and we put on some REALLY LOUD MUSIC (i.e. Tool), while simultaneously bang every pot and pan and other similar-loud-sounding-metal item in your house(I could also head butt the wall with my head), while jumping up and down (would perhaps only be in the case that they live below you?), while also screaming at the top of our lungs to something (but not the song currently playing!), as all doors, windows, and others remain open, of course this would have to be in the middle of the morning (not the night cuz the fuckers are still up then), and if that doesn't work, then yes I think you should write a letter to the 'powers that be'.

10:55 am

Blogger Jo said...

genkigirl - you really scare me sometimes!

i've actually not heard a peep out of them so far since i sent the email!

12:19 am

Blogger genkigirl said...

I WAS JOKING JO, geez! (And some people think THEY are 'funny'....they just can't appreciate good humour)

10:39 am


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