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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's a sandal scandal

It's summer and feet are coming out unfortunately.

Here's my guide to successfully wearing sandals:*

1. Choose a pair that really fit you. And I don't mean just three of your toes. Show some consideration to your big toe and your little toe. Those poor pinkies need love too.

1.1 The above also applies to your heel. It should be totally in contact with your shoe and not hanging over the edge.

2. Don't choose an ugly pair when there are so many beautiful ones available.

2.1 However, do question whether it's really okay to be seen in adult sized child/barbie dress up shoes. Seriously.

3. Choose a pair you can walk in. Click-click-scrape-scrape is NOT a nice sound to hear in the streets.

4. Do NOT wear them with socks, stockings or tights. Just don't, okay?

5. Have a look at your feet. Now. Go on, do it. Are your toenails nicely shaped? Are they painted a pretty colour? Have you blasted or scraped away all of that horrible dead hard skin? Are your feet REALLY presentable to the world? Are you sure?

5.1 Remember that nail varnish chips and starts wearing off. This is not a pretty sight either.

Okay then. NOW, you're set to wear sandals in public.

* Many Japanese are guilty of the above crimes. Especially the ugly sandals.


P.S. Will someone PLEASE stop the sodding rain? Saturday daytime it rained very heavily, on and off, with thunder and lightening. Sunday was dry. Early Monday morning it started raining heavily and now (Tuesday night) it's STILL bloody raining. GAH! So annoying!


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