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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Things that make you go 'huh'?

Japan is a massive storehouse of oddities and curiousities and more beauty and beautifying products than I could ever have imagined. From skin whitener creams to plastic gadgets you put in your mouth to stretch your smile while you sleep, the list is endless. Today, I was browsing in a pharmacy-ish store trying to find some new nail scissors.

As I scanned up and down the aisles, I finally saw some small scissors. Nail scissors? No. They were EYE SCISSORS. Amongst a whole array of scary looking torture implements for the eyes (eyebrow curlers have NEVER come near my eyes. They look some mediaval device for extracting your eyeballs, in my opinion) were eye SCISSORS. I don't really want to think about this much more. It's making me squirm...

Also there was eye TAPE (little thin sticky strips). My understanding is you use it while you're sleeping but I'm not really sure why at this stage BUT never fear, further investigation WILL be done. Google was pretty unhelpful. It just gave me a load of links for 'hook and eye tape'. Thanks Google. I did read something though that suggested it's for producing a double eye-lid.

I guess vanity and pain have gone hand in hand since earliest man but all the same.

Now, pass the mirror and tweezers someone, please...!


Blogger Jules said...

Eyelash curlers, not eyebrow curlers! ;-)

11:23 am

Blogger Y said...

What Jules said, and they don't hurt at all if done correctly! They just make the eye look more open by getting the lashes out of the way. Trust me, tweezing hurts way more, but we do that, right?

Although, I did have one eyelash curler incident that resulted in me ripping out all the eyelashes on one eye. It was the cats' faults, I swear!

10:01 pm

Blogger Jo said...

typo. i meant eyeLASH curler. and i still don't intend to let one anywhere near my eyes!

10:53 pm

Blogger Sandra said...

Try entering 'japanese eye tape'


7:28 am


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