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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The weather must be about to get much hotter

This 'little' fellow on the right is, if you don't know, a cicada. Today, for the first time this year, I heard their cacophony. I'd kind of missed it because, as much as I disliked them last year (they scared me) their noise will always be one I'll associate with summer in Tokyo.

If you've never heard their racket imagine a loud hissing buzzing vibratory sound all around you occasionally intersperced with what sounds like a shrill scream. It's quite something.

Generally you can't see them as they're hiding in trees, bushes, grassy areas. Occasionally you do see them though. They fly quickly and are pretty frightening.

Maybe this means though that the erratic weather is going to stop being so erratic and the heat is going to soar shortly.

We'll see....!


Anonymous oracle said...

MATE don't be a wuss. Cicada's ARE the sound of summer. fascinating critters. the sounds is made by the males (i think) rubbing their hind legs onto their belly. I could be wrong... Just the thought of them makes me homesick.

11:45 pm


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