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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Truly Horrible

A really horrible thing happened to me: I had no internet access for almost TWO whole days. I felt the withdrawal symptoms coming on. But all is, once again, well.

I survived my thirteen day stint without dropping dead. Somehow. And really enjoyed having yesterday off to lounge around and start catching up on things. Today was a normal work day but now I've no more work until the 18th. Good, huh?

Quick noise update: the builders have finally finished. These are the ones who've woken me up almost every day since the beginning of April. The neighbours have also pretty much shut up too.

Ditz alert: When I bought my bike, I got a pukey green colour thinking it'd be much easier to find it looking like that than if it were grey like the majority of people seem to have. Over the months it's got a little bit battered in places, due to being knocked over by people and the wind. I use the dents on my rear mudguard as a quick bike identification, as I discovered a while back that other people DO have the same colour bike as me.

Anyway, yesterday I parked her up outside Starbucks and went in to meet someone. Afterwards I came back out to cycle home, walked up to my bike and saw someone had put a combination padlock on MY bike. (Bikes are self-locking in Japan). Anyway, I looked around to see if locks had been put on any other bikes - police? pranksters? but no. Mine was the only one. I got my key out and went to put it into the bike lock. I thought I'd do that and then see if I got figure out the code. BUT, the bike's lock was GONE.

I had a sudden moment of inspiration: although this bike was the same colour as mine, and parked in the same area as mine, and had a dent in the rear mudguard in the same place as mine... perhaps it WASN'T mine.

Guess what?

Mine was 15 metres away. *sigh*.

An indication that perhaps I've been in Tokyo too long: the other day I was in a store looking at watches. Now, I've not worn a watch for about ten years or so. There was a range of really cute, pretty watches that I was contemplating....

and yes! You guessed it. I was SERIOUSLY considering buying a Hello Kitty watch.

Well, they WERE very nice!!!

And I'm currently working my way through 'Prison Break'. It's okay. It isn't gripping me as much as 24, Lost, Desperate Housewives, etc.


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