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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Sleep in the Life of Jo (aka: Last night I had the strangest dream)

I rarely remember my dreams but those I DO remember tend to be bizarre or epic. Really. In the past I've dreamt would could equate to movie scripts in one setting.

Last night I had the first dream in a long time that I remembered. Some of the bits are easy for me to figure out where they came from but the other bits... no idea. Anyway, this is what I dreamed last night:

Firstly -
the time: sometime before 12pm.
the cast: me and the last ex-boyfriend from the UK
the place: who knows!

So, B., the ex-boyfriend turns up from somewhere to talk to me and take me somewhere mysterious. B has, in the dream, very long unkempt hair and looks like he's on the run or just escaped from somewhere or is trying desperately to look trendy - or something. B owns a freight train.

We had to go somewhere on this train to see whatever he wanted me to see. It was a long, and not very luxurious or comfortable trip, but we were the only people on the train.

I was a little concerned about how long this would all take as I'd made arrangements to meet someone at 12pm and didn't want to be late. [stop laughing]. He said it wouldn't take long and I'd love it.

The train took us to a vast scrap metal / junk yard with giant helicopter rotors made from metal scaffolding like they'd been created from an oversized scalectrix set. I didn't recognise them as rotors until he told me that's what they were. He was right. They WERE amazing and I said I wanted to go back and take pictures of them and that I'd even take my good camera and maybe they'd look fantastic as black and whites.

We left and drove back through the scrap yard in a jeep. We had to avoid lots of low swinging cranes as we darted through.

I noticed I was going to be late to meet my friend but I only had a watch on (funny as I've not worn a watch in more than ten years) and NO mobile phone so I couldn't contact here and I was already five minutes late.

He said it didn't matter and stopped to buy a sticky cake and syrup from a food stall that had mysteriously sprung up in the middle of the site, in front of a big glass entrance, which had also sprung up.

He then said that he had to be at someone's house for 10.10pm that night and absolutely could not be late as it was a very important dinner where he had to be a representative for someone else and tell the people at the dinner some very important stories to further their religious education.

We got back on the freight train, which had lots of backpackers sitting around and returned to wherever we'd come from.

[I didn't remember any more, but I think that was it. And guess what? In scribbling down the notes so I wouldn't forget the dream, I ended up being late to meet my friend!]


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