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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Stooodenty thangs.

One of my kids, Kento, is about 2 and a half years old. A couple of times, briefly, over the last few lessons we've touched on 'yes' and 'no' as more than just passive language - ie I've been making him use them, rather than just listening to me or just repeating.

Anyway, I've been teaching Kento for about six months now and he's pretty much always listened to me and done what he's told, and never refused to do anything. Great kid!

However - after doing a bit of 'yes' and 'no' stuff with him yesterday, we moved onto a quick bit of 'touch your head', 'stand up', bla bla bla. (The aim being for him to do what he was told, rather than talk.). But talk about shooting yourself in the foot:

me: touch your head
kento: no
me: stand up
kento: no
me: clap your hands
kento: no

By this point, Kento's mother and I were trying so hard to not laugh that I just gave up and we threw a ball around. What have I done????! WHY did I teach him 'no'!


I've decided to nickname two of my adult students the 'uhmm errr sisters', because they will sit there, when asked a question alternating noises between them - the younger sister uhmm'ing and the older sister sister errrr'ing. But they take turns. Most bizarre.


I need to lose quite a bit of weight but, unfortunately, I love food. One of my students today told me about the chocolate diet. Apparantly if you eat chocolate before every meal you'll lose weight.

Sounded very good to me. Then I found out it has to be just 20 to 30g of at least 70% cocoa chocolate each day, and you can't use milk chocolate or chocolate ice cream as a substitute.

What a shame!


Blogger Karen said...

If he's reacted so stronly to know, you should definitely avoid teaching him "I don't wanna"!!

10:40 pm


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