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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another Advert

Following on from my 'things that concern me' post lower down, there's another ad. I've seen a few times that I'm not sure whether I'm more irritated or amused by.

This ad. shows a Gaijin male 'trapped' under a climbing frame (jungle gym). A Japanese woman asks him (in Japanese) if he needs any help [er, yes, he's 'trapped'] but, because she's rather thick, and because he's a Gaijin she can't understand that he does [are you blind, love?].

Anyway, she shuffles off and joins a language school and about five years later [if the massive growth of greying beard on his face is anything to go by] she's successfully learned to say in English:

Can I help you?

I'm sorry, Nova, but if it took me that long to learn to say 'can I help you?' from an Eikaiwa, I'd want my money back.

Plus, just why is it necessary to show the woman as being so stupid?

Another Eikaiwa [eikaiwa = language conversation school] ad. a while back showed a male Gaijin teacher HANDCUFFED to a Japanese female student.

Now, I'm not saying that some Japanese students don't treat eikaiwas as dating agencies, but still....!


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