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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Firstly, apart from having to explain yesterday to my boss and the school manager who hadn't been there yesterday, nothing has come of yesterday's situation. Of course, likewise there's no information / assurance as to what will happen next week, but my friend happened to mentione it to big bosses and I did the right thing according to them too, so that's fine.

This evening I got forced to drink, as so often happens on a Wednesday night. After a two or three drinks we decided to leave the izakaya and go to karaoke. Again, not such a rare thing for a Wednesday night, except there were a few more of us than normal this evening.

My dear readers, take a tip from me: if you are not totally sober and you are your friends are dawdelling and laughing your way over a level crossing, and you are in fact not just dawdelling and laughing but chatting on the phone AND pushing a bike with one hand - you may not hear the beep-beep-beep warning that the barriers are about to come down and a fucking huge train is about to come hurtling towards you at a rather fast pace. At least I didn't. Once the barrier had come down by about 40 degrees, THEN I noticed in, squeeled, giggled and moved a bit quicker.


Another tip from the wisdom of Jo: if there is a 12 foot high inflated Santa in the karaoke reception, and if he's not attached to anything, and if you try to push him over - he may just fall and he may then be unable to be stood back up and the karaoke people may be rather unhappy when you leave the building with their their 12 foot high inflated Santa looking like he's sleeping on the floor of their reception.

Just hypothetically, of course. I mean, nobody would actually try to push over a 12 foot high inflated Santa, would they. [coughs].

The karaoke was good anyway and really cheap, and the gin and tonics were really strong. I managed to cycle home safely. Although it was a bit strange: as I was heading down the road away from where I'd been drinking, I saw men in the road (this was about 1.30am) and LOTS of smoke. I had NO idea what was going on and couldn't see much, but bravely cycled on (yeah right) to investigate (well, get home to my bed actually) - and it was tarmac'ing - felt like a futuristic movie haze or something though: especially with the huge spotlights they had set up in the road.

Wednesday's are such hard work! Actually, Wednesday's are fun - I adore my 4 three-year olds, the two-year olds are - well, one is a space cadet but getting better, one is still a little nervous as he's newer but he tries hard and the third one is a little champ who tries really hard and remembers well. Their mums are all really nice too. Then I have a little six year old with extremely good English and we always have fun. My other three classes on a Wednesday are three adults who are all lovely people and who I've been drunk with a - er - few times!


Blogger Sarah said...

Hehehehe. Santa pusher.
Wish you could have got pics of the tarmacing weirdness.

2:23 pm

Anonymous gemma said...

Ha. when i was at a wedding in fiji recently there was the cutest little japanese girl as part of the wedding party. Her only english word: Happy.

Well cute. Only 1 and a wee bit too. I had loads of fun playing peekaboo with her, which in japanese is apparently na na ba (maybe not spelt that way_

6:07 pm


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