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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Machiruda is my saviour. Not only did she help me buy my camera and negotiate a good karaoke deal when she was in Japan, but she just helped me get all my blog settings back from Japanese (no, I don't know why they'd all turned Japanese) - back to English.

I am relieved.



On another note: I've admitted defeat and given in. Tonight, I turned my heating on. This is it. I've admitted that summer is over. Shame.

And I really dislike heating and aircon so I need to be either shrivelling and shivering or dripping with sweat to consider either.

Roll on Thailand and the hot weather :D


Blogger zoe said...

your blog is obviously trying to tell you something .....

"i think i'm turning japanese,
i think i'm turning japanese -
i really think so ....."


2:34 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did tryr blog by searching for chihuahuas... no luck. I think I'll try to find it by using the words sake and ironing board...!

Ben J x

5:38 pm

Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

Its strangley warm here in NY, 65 degrees. Usually around 45 this time of year. Maybe Al Gore is right.

3:11 am

Blogger machiruda said...

aw, thanks hon (*^-^*) although like zoe says you could also take it as a sign that you've been in Japan too long.... ;-)

7:50 am


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