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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hey lovelies!

My internet is STILL screwed at home. I`m getting increasingly frustrated by the crapness of the company and my inability to communicate with them directly and tell them how pissed off I am. Hopefully, it`ll be sorted soon. I have a couple of Japanese friends who have been talking to them on my behalf but they`re too nice to really push the provider to SORT IT OUT.

It really is very horrible not having access at home and having to sit in an internet cafe listening to people slurping noodles and sniffing.


On the plus side, the end of term is nearing. The final certTESOL session is this Sunday. AND I`m off to Thailand on the 23rd. Did I mention that already?

Sorry, I`m behind on everyone`s blogs. Me and my laptop should be back to normal soon. I hope.


Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

Between you and Mr. T I don't know whose constarnt trips around Thailand I am more jealous of.

8:29 am


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