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Friday, December 01, 2006


I am still internetless at home. It`s hell. I feel like someone has broken my legs and stuffed me onto crutches. It`s just wrong.

One of my lovely Japanese friends spent ages trying to persuade the internet provider they were wan, er I mean that they needed to sort this out quickly, and I`m due to get a new modem tomorrow. Of course, you cannot specify when you want things delivered in Japan and, as I`m out all day tomorrow, I`ll then have to rearrange to, hopefully, get it redelivered on Monday.

Then the fun and games will start trying to set it up. Naturally the instructions will all be in Japanese. Someone else did it for me last time. Hopefully I can find a helper this time....

Anyway, I now have just two weeks left of the certTESOL. Thankfully. I have almost finished all the coursework and have no lessons left to do for the course. I`m now ready to do the diploma. Not really. I doubt I will ever have the money to do the diploma.

Machiruda, I should just point out, is probably leaving a small stream of pissed off Japanese bloggers around Tokyo - now she`s taught me how to change the language settings on blogger. I am heartless. I don`t really care though!

P.S. Sigsy - Timorous Beastie and I want to contact you to figure out when we can go boozing. I think we both have our emails on our blogs, so you could you contact us. It may have to be early next year now, but not necessarily. Likewise, any more Tokyo bloggers that fancy a meet, email Timorous Beastie or myself.

And, I`ve been meme`d by Beastie to come up with five things about myself that you don`t know. If you skip back far enough you probably have all the info about me that I can think to share. Any questions? What can I tell you???


Blogger Life Out East said...

Great blog. I'm a Brit living in Thailand and developing an interest in Japan (been developing since I first heard of Japan when I was a kid). Hoping to visit for the first time next year. How does life compare with other Asian countries, if you've ever lived in any? I imagine it to be a little less frustrating.

11:39 pm

Blogger Sigsy said...

Ah Jo - sorry about Sunday, I have had a hell of a weekend. Two of my closest friends (married to each other) are leaving me next week and selfishly taking away their baby son too. I have been spending as much time with them as poss and haven't been near the PC all weekend. I will email you with my Keitai details, that way I can not be so bloody rude in not replying to your invites. But not now as now I MUST SLEEP AND GET MYSELF AWAY FROM THE PC AND AWAY FROM BLOGS.

12:20 am

Blogger Sigsy said...

And by the way - I agree with life out east. Your Blog is marvellous.

12:22 am


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