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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Out of the mouths of kids

As I was cutting up my 125th snowflake with a kid - yup, I've been doing Xmas lessons all week, which has been kind of fun - and I've realised I could probably cope with doing lots of craftsy things all day, which means the idea of working with young kids more DOES appeal - anyway, the 6 year old and I were chatting, as her English is near native level.

I told her to guess where I was going at the weekend and she said she couldn't guess. I told her I was going to Thailand, which is were her dad lives at the moment. I then said I was excited but that her mummy didn't like Thailand as she thought it was too dirty and smelly. Totally matter of factly she then said, my mummy doesn't like my daddy. I said, you CAN'T say that! And she said, but it's true! I told her it was probably meant to be a secret but she couldn't quite equate the idea of something true being kept a secret...

Oh the days of innocence, eh!

I didn't tell her mum what she says, although I have before and the kid goes a lovely shade of red!


Computer and internet are both happily sorted at home now. I just have to reload everything onto my system that I lost in Recovery.


Two more sleeps til Thailand. This is particularly good cos Tokyo is getting really cold at the moment and a little heat is definitely needed.


Blogger LivinginOz said...

Hi Jo - you must be in Thailand now. Have a wonderful Christmas!

8:06 pm


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