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Saturday, May 12, 2007


So, from my nine non-dates being knocked down to eight non-dates, thanks to mr. love_hotel, I'm now down to seven non-datees. I'd agreed to meet mr. to_the_point for lunch tomorrow, clearly explaining that it was dependant on my work schedule which wouldn't be confirmed until today. (Un?)fortunately, my normally pretty long Saturday break that I was hoping for, isn't, and so I told him that tomorrow was no good but maybe we could meet Monday for lunch (as I was going to meet mr. love_hotel then but now I'm not) but he wasn't up for it.

More than that though, I think that put him into a strop because he decided we don't need to meet after all. Oops. Oh well.

So, fate allowing (!) I have a non-date lunch and wander around day with mr.faraway on Sunday and an evening non-date movie thing with mr. shorter_than_average_japanese on Monday night. Luckily I'm not so tall myself!

And on a pink note: today I saw the cutest pink guitar with a HUGE Hello Kitty face on it. Of course, the fact I can't play the guitar might be slightly relevant here but, if I did, I'd want that guitar! I have tried learning in the past. Kind of. I mean, when I was a kid I had a guitar, but I'm impatient. I want to be able to do things without actually having to go through the whole process of trying to get there. But I did used to climb into the attack, where the guitar lived, and muck around with it a lot.

Later, when I hit my mid/late-teens and early 20s I seemed to go through a ream of boyfriends who played / were in bands / whatever / and who attempted to teach me. I wasn't a very good student though and so my guitar playing career never really took off. Other mates later offered, but I was wise enough to not take them up on their offers as I'd probably have got bored anyway. And besides, it used to REALLY hurt my fingers.

Still, the guitar I saw today was cute enough for me to momentarily reconsider learning. Maybe I should just admit defeat though. I mean, I've already decided that when I retire I'm going to learn to play the piano. Yeah, right!


Mr. To_the_point emailed me back in relation to my apologising at having to break our lunch non-date which, as I'd explained, I might have had to break anyway once I knew my schedule for sure. Not surprisingly. I think this is a lucky escape as he seems a right stroppy git. The final email from him then, in full, and with a tone somewhat different, but still very to the point, of the previous males. I mean, falling out BEFORE you even meet????

I undestand what you said [I apologised and explained AGAIN that I'd told him this might have been the case before we made the arrangement] and I might have been too harsh. ['too harsh'? let's try 'rude' or 'abrupt' or 'twatish'] I had some issues with my department during last week [NOT my fault or problem] and selfishi subordinates [ah, okay, we blame other people for things that are maybe our own responsibility, do we?] and was kind of frustrated. [at them? sexually? at the world?] Still, after you asked so many questions [I did?] and I took a lot of time, [you did? actually, I found your answers and emails interesting but very much to the point and unexpanded. They were hardly a work of literally genius, were they?] I was really disappointed with your mail. [What was wrong with my mail?]

1. You schedule: indeed you said you were not sure about your schedule by Friday. however, I thought you just needed to double confim. [nah, didn't say that. I said I didn't know but probably I'd have a long break] if your schedule is totally unknown [not totally, okay?] by every Friday, you could have schedule the meeting [meeting? i also forget to inform my secretary and order in the croissants. sorry about that.] in more assured time slot [wow, let's make it all diarised and official and take any fun out it, shall we?]

2. Even you asked me to check email on Friday evening, [yes, cos I said I wouldn't know before then] you did not confirm your schedule until I asked. [you emailed me before I got home. I said I didn't get home until late from work. Boy am I glad I've escaped this one before it happened]. Was it because you had a bad news? [No. I was in the street and couldn't email. Okay?] I think you have to tell a bad news as soon as possible, [I intended to, okay, but I was. in. the. street.] especially when it affects someone else [oh, you fucking drama queen. Who stole YOUR tiara?]

3. You gave Monday lunch time as alternative. [Yes. I'm a busy lady] It is very rare someone happens to work in neighborhood [rare someone happens to work in ANY neighbourhood? Wow. That's impressive! I didn't actually mention or suggest any place, dickbrain and, as Mr. Love_Hotel had been blown out of the water, I had a gap in my schedule, okay?] and that, have enough time for lunch. [Oh yeah. Forgot - average Japanese = workaholic. Oops. Silly me]. I doubted if you were really serious of the meeting. [Darling, I take NOTHING seriously. Get over yourself.] It would have been better if you could propose nearer and easier alternative such as Saturday evening [No. Saturday evening is not a non-date. It's a date. It's also when I go to gaytown to get pissed]. or sometime of Sunday. [Sorry, all booked up with Mr. Faraway then] I was really disappointed with your mail. [Yeah, well. You've blown it now, so you should have thought about that before, shouldn't you?]

See? I KNEW this would all be more hassle than it' s worth. And I've still not actually met up with any face-to-face! Does make me giggle though, so it's worth something!

Stay tuned for updates on Mr. Faraway and Mr. Shorter than average Japanese.


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