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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Today is Monday. I'm not working. I have no plans. Yesterday was Sunday. I didn't work. I had no plans.

This is the FIRST time this YEAR that I've not had some kind of work or social commitment on one or both of my days off. I love time by myself. Actually, I CRAVE time to myself. No wonder I've been so cranky and panicky lately. It all makes sense now!

Which of course begs the question again of - do I REALLY have the time to start playing the 'dating game'?

Anyway, what should I do next as there are about 27 so far out of 67 (and rising) that have piqued my interest a bit:

a) give each a personalised and considered response.
b) write a generalised blurb about me and send it to each and see what their responses are.
c) just demand a photo.
d) give no more information about me yet but throw them a question such as 'tell me about your ideal Sunday'.
e) other
f) be stricter on my criteria from the start and cut down the list (which I think I'll have to do but how do you decide from only a few lines???

I deleted the two kind offers from Nigerians to share their fortunes with me but here's a selection of the no-runners and a Jo guide on how to not get attention when replying to an ad:

1. Take notice of the advert itself. IF someone requests 'conversational English' - then replying in Japanese (all be it in romaji) really isn't going to cut it. Neither is making it obvious you've used an electronic translator.

2. As above. Saying you don't speak English well, is also not going to get you any further.

3. Telling me nothing about you - uninspiring and boring.

4. Telling me how great your teeth are. Er, so what?

5. General OVER selling or UNDER selling.

6. Sending me a truly terrible picture AND no information about you.

7. Spelling mistakes! Use spell check, FFS!

8. Assume right off the bat I'm only after sex.

Some of the offenders:

hi there, im from tokyo and from Asia.Can we have a coffee in Shibuya? or somewhere in Tokyo, perhaps?

Can I try this audition?...Im a tokyo,shibuya-born JM,tall,cool,athletic,well-ecucated,tender and.....very normal.How about this?

(I have) perfect teeth

Hello!I am interested in your message.I am japanese male, cute?!, chatyt, independent, guy.Of course, no nutter, freak.I speak english.Regards

Hello, Your ad caught my eye! I enjoy having great times. I am 182 cm and 81 kilos. I am athletic and I am at the gym 5 days a week. If this sounds like someone your looking for just email me back.

Hi, why don't give me a chance to try out? I would not disappoint you!

Hi,,,Iam here interesting in you,send me your e-mail add

I'm educated,very kind handsome (?)Japanese male.31,178cm,72kg.

I am 34 yrs, clean,honest and fun guy. I live and work in central tokyo and available in daytime. lets have fun together.what do you say...I know how to pleasure woman

I am looking for some comoany for fun times

I saw your message and I start to write .. I'm X, 33 living in Y and working in Z..I'm not too chatty.. how about normal Japanese man ? if you are interested.. lets talk more

I am 35years old, 180cm, fit, generous, smart

I am early 40s Western executive gentleman... I am very athletic, fit, and nice looking. I dress well, and have traveled and lived well all my life. I am looking for a regular social & romantic companion when I travel to Tokyo, as I do weekly on business...normally stay at [big expensive posh hotel].

Hi!How about your life here in Japan?I live in X.My name is Y.I like music very much.So I want to make friends who loves music.Music makes us happy even when we are very sad ,I think.My job is to sell big buildings.I like my job very much.I love sushi very much.So I want to go to eat sushi with you some day.


P.S. I'm finding this all really amusing but honestly haven't decided whether or not it IS something I want to pursue or not. (See point at beginning of post about 'me' time).


Blogger Nix said...

I think you should go with the guy who professed "I'm clean".
At least no cooties there......:)

11:27 pm

Blogger Jo said...

lol. nah - those are some of the rejects. i've had 75 to chose from so far!

12:30 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should go with the guy who only has perfect teeth. Obviously the strong silent type. Hell, perfect teeth are rare this side of the atlantic, so what's not to love?

Oh, and I can now get onto your web-site address again! Hurrah!

x Ben J

6:33 pm

Blogger Karen said...

Hi Jo! Been a while since I've caught up on your blog.

Wow, too bad you can't combine all of those winners into one perfect man. Clean, good teeth, loves music when he's sad, sells big buildings. Quite charming, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, alone time is good, but dating a bit is good too. Maybe just take it lightly (as you seem to be doing), and seeing if anyone interesting comes along. Don't put a TON of effort in, just go with it. And maybe more specifically define your criteria of what you're searching for...hopefully that'll limit the totally left-field responses...or at least a few of them.

4:41 am

Blogger LivinginOz said...

Jo, you've reminded me why I hated dating! Wishing you the best...

7:07 am


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