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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Birthday Post Three

Wandering around in Osaka you see food being prepared all around you, if you're after a quick and tasty snack or meal.

However, making you OWN is so much more fun. Here's the blob that started off, at our table of raw eggs and things:

And slowly started setting:

And finally got nice and browned:

And was absolutely delicious. (Oh, okay. You CAN make your own okonomiyaki, but I'd never done it before so the waitress did it for us. Next time I will though. It was kind of fun).

The hostel we stayed in in Osaka had a really cute little coffee shop a few metres away that we went to for breakfast a couple of times. I loved the chemistry lab look of the bubbling coffee pots.

And adored the tiniest milk jug I have ever seen. And no, I didn't nick it!


Blogger machiruda said...

Aaaah, okonomiyaki! Just what I needed not to see in my I-miss-Osaka-week... :-/

Looks great though!

1:50 am

Blogger Nix said...

oooo.... I wanted to take pics of the place, but was unexplicably shy allofasudden.
That place was SO Pavam!

9:46 am

Blogger Nix said...

Pavam = Cute

9:47 am


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