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Monday, May 21, 2007

Birthday Post Five

As you wander around in Japan, you see a lot of serious statues, like these:

And scarier ones, like this one:

And then there's the silly ones. This Doraemon was in the same shrine, in Kyoto, as the two pictures above:

These two, er, anatomically bizarre cats were in someone's garden in Kyoto:

And I found a shop that sold stone Hello Kitty, Micky Mouse, etc 'gnomes' for the garden. WHY?!


Blogger Perkunas said...

I like the stone Hello Kitty gnomes -- must mean that Hello Kitty is an ancient Japanese garden diety.

8:27 am

Blogger Jo said...

of course!

11:08 am

Blogger Nix said...

Great, you can get Hello Kitty gnomes...but not socks!

11:21 pm

Blogger Jo said...

shit. i KEEP forgetting to look for Hello Kitty socks for you! Thanks for reminding me!

12:34 am


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