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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Birthday Post Four

Okay, this post is all about shoes. To start with, these delightful brown shoes (also available in fashionable greens, blues and blacks) are available at many places where outdoor footwear is not permitted.

You can't take them home with you, sadly:

Wandering around in Kyoto, we came across a couple of tourists made up as Maiko (trainee Geisha). Don't ya just love the footware?:

As for these, well, silver slingbacks and black tights. Hmmm. Personally, I think it's ick beyond words, but it's a not too unfamiliar sight around Tokyo:

These are rather, er, interesting too. I'm not sure what they're meant to be. Sort of sandly things with built in ankle warmers, I guess:

Green shoes with gold, er, details. Just more ick:

Okay, pushing the linkedness a bit here: this is Linda and I taking the piss out of the pigeon-toed stance and walk you so often see in the streets. It's meant to be cute, apparantly.

And this picture has absolutely nothing to do with feet, but I couldn't figure out where to theme this blue-haired granny. I mean, in the UK we have grannies with blue rinses, but here I've seen more grannies with dark blue or purple or bright orange hair than I'd care to count!