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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quiz Time!

What do the following four pictures have in common?

No, I have no idea either. Except that Softbank (one of the mobile phone companies in Japan), has called their new range 'Jellybean'. Being Japan, the Jellybeans have 'cute' faces added, which reminds me of Moomins (not sure why but they do) AND AND AND

they have put KNICKERS on the Jellybeans.

I don't get it but lots of smiling Jellybeans in knickers REALLY disturbs me.

On the train the adverts are sort of semi-3D, which make them even worse. I took a photo but, well, you know how crap I am at getting around to uploading photos so you'll just have to imagine.


Oh and I didn't mention but in the TV ads - which I can't see because my beloved computer can't cope with Youtube (it's very old!) - the phones remove the jellybeans knickers. *double shudder* - and definitely not cute. Just WHO are these ads being aimed at?

Anyhoo, Sassymoo, 'kindly' found and posted a link to the ad in my comments. So, here you are.



Blogger sassymoo said...

I did a quick web search and found them. totally creepy little buggers.

9:40 am


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