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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Final Day :(

Woke up feeling mildly lively. Was meant to meet up with Beastie, but she's caught some nasty lurgy... So did a bit of pottering and housework, a bit of hooping and eating lots of fruit - and suddenly I got a cold. From fine to not fine in a matter of minutes. Great.

I live right by Shinjuku Chuo Park. While it's known a bit as a homeless park, it's actually really nice and I went for a wander around in it today. There were a few homeless tents but not such a big deal as people have seemed to have made out. The park isn't huge, but it's quite nice and was certainly big enough for a very long wander around looking at temples, water features, statues, skateboarders, people walking their rabbits, pushing their dogs around in buggies, playing guitars, trying out bike moves, watching each other, etc.

And lots of quiet areas to have a bit of a hoop! - although I didn't take the hoop with me today.

Came back and realised I had NO idea where my passport was. While I don't have any immediate trips planned there's always the possibility I'd need to grab it in an emergency, so it and a torch are always (usually) extremely easy to lay my hands on. But somehow I'd put it somewhere carefully without noting where in my head when I did my bit move in sort out. Can't really express my relief at finding it again.

Back to work tomorrow. Hope my cold is gone by then :(


Blogger LivinginOz said...

Hope you feel better soon, Jo!

7:58 pm

Blogger Miki said...

Hey, I happened to stumble across your blog. Just leaving a comment to say "hello".

10:49 am

Blogger Jo said...

Thanks Mel!

Hi Miki!

11:49 am


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