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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Please, just let it end!

The recent rain has been really getting me down. It's just relentless. Today was another great day.

At about 5am-ish, there was a thud outside on my balcony as the rain had weighed down my drying (dripping) duvet cover so much it had broken loose from the pegs. Seeing my balcony was flooded with about six inches of winter left me a choice - do nothing and risk my apartment being flooded, or go out in the pissing rain onto the balcony, rescue washing and try and see if I could unblock drain. So I did. Great fun. Not.

By the time I could finally drag myself out of bed and get organised I was running dangerously late for school. Of course, getting to the station there was a wonderful train delay to contend with and for the THIRD day in a row I was late. I made it to the school a minute before the first lesson... stressed, sick and fed up.

Yesterday I got up early to get ready for the apartment 'inspection' despite REALLY needing the sleep. The woman inspecting came, chatted, debated about me getting rid of a table and chairs and left - without actually inspecting anything. I rushed around the whole day from location to location without time to even sit and drink a coffee. It was pretty horrendous and I was feeling sick all day.

To start with I had to give a home lesson demonstration. We give what we call 'trial lessons' all the time in our schools where you talk crap to a student and do a mini lesson in 20 minutes to determin their level. A demo lesson is different though. It's basically a full-on, this is actually what you'll get if you pay us money. I was told I was teaching three-year olds, but had it in my head I was teaching four-year olds, for some reason.

When I got there, it turned out they were 2.5 years old. The apartment was too small to move around much in. The floor was heated so it was too hot and I was worried about us jumping as they had neighbours below. There were toys everywhere that distracted the kids. In all, not a particularly fun experience....

Getting there though, I'd checked train times and the route and then got on a train thinking it was a local when it was an express and even the stop I wanted was an express stop - I didn't realise until I'd gone three express stops past it. When I met the company rep we followed a complicated map - for about 25 minutes on foot until we found the apartment complex - and then spent about ten minutes trying to find our way in.

By the time we left it was raining heavily.

I then had to go and do a test resit - I did a test last month and failed one paper. I got there feeling shit, tired and really not in the mood. I'm pretty sure I cocked it up again.

Then I had to rush to teach my evening office classes.

The day before, I had another stupid location to go to. I got on what I thought was the right train, suddenly wasn't so sure, got off, realised (as the train was leaving) that it probably had been the right train, and waited ages for the next one.... getting me to the school 2 minutes before the first lesson.

THREE DAYS IN A ROW. Unbelievable.

So what with the trains this week, the rushing around, the rain, feeling stressed, preparing for the move... and not having time to get to see the new place yet, I really cannot wait for it to just end. My stress has poured itself into physical symptoms - tiredness, sleeplessness, skin outbreak, sore throat, aches, pains, snuffles...


Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

eeek... all that rain just cannot be good for the soul. It IS rather good for the soil though!
Sending heaps of sunshine your way. We have a lot of it right now and it's so bizzare. We don't quite know what to do with all this great April weather!

4:06 am

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

Ooh, sounds like a nightmare. You need a drink.

3:35 pm

Blogger Jo said...

i need lots! i plan to go to the earth day festival early eve in yoyogi park tomorrow with jen, if you fancy it.

drinks are bound to be involved.

6:19 pm


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