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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ouch my feet hurt!

I will remember, one of these days, that lots of jumping, running, hopping, etc in bare feet is bad and has consequences. The consequences being I can't move! Even though there's a half-opened bottle of Cab Sav in the kitchen calling me...

okay, my neighbour popped over to return a load of dvd's she borrowed, so i had to move. i'm not happily back, in futon, with bottle of wine.

Today I taught TWO groups each of 22 4-year olds. This was their first English lesson and, in fact, they only started kindergarden last week, so it's all a bit new for them. I fully expected 50% of them to be in tears and the sight of a strange gaijin expecting them to do strange things.

Nobody cried. Not one. Not even me! Actually, it was kind of fun, but don't tell anyone I said that!

And these were the largest size classes, of any age, that I've taught so far. It was an interesting experience! Hopefully it'll continue to be.


I've signed the contract and collected the key for my new place. I still haven't actually visited it though.


It was hot and sunny today. Spring might be finally here....


Days to move: 5
Condition of apartment: hmm, about 75% packed and scrubbed. Maybe slightly less.


Anonymous Lulu said...

My feet hurt too! I don`t know why though! I sprained one of them 10 days ago but the other one hurts now too! What is with that?

I have begun to pack, It is terrible! 10% of the apartment is done I would say but I have cleaned out a lot of things this week (and the week I was off work on spring break) so really a lot of stuff just has to go in boxes. Which now I have! Yay, thanks moving company! Problem is a lot of stuff can`t really be packed until the last couple of days! Which sucks! It means this time next week I will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Moving date is 27th!

Good luck with your move! Hope your feet feel better soon, or at least that the wine numbs the pain!

I am glad the kindy kids didn`t cry!

10:47 pm

Blogger Jo said...

lulululu - maybe the unhurt one is hurting because you are putting it through more strain trying to not hurt the hurt one more?

packing sucks, doesn't it?

i'm moving on sunday but plan to make the earth day festival if i can. will you be there? be good to see you again before you go off at any rate.

and the kindy kids smiled and obeyed the whole way through. there was one though who when i told them to 'go to sleep' for a song, kept forgetting to open her eyes and join in with the rest of the actions. we had to keep picking her up and waking her up. it was pretty funny!

hell, even when i was down on all fours growling at the kids, they just growled back!

and yes, the being on all fours was innocent and no, the growling wasn't me showing them i was annoyed it was me pretending to be a dog - head wolf in the pack, maybe?

it was one of those teaching times when you're extremely happy nobody is videoing you, at any rate!

lulu -i'm sure you had many moments like that with your lot!

11:08 pm

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

Good luck with the move.

12:02 am

Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

Totally amazed that you;re moving into a place that you actually haven't seen!
wow, that's gutsy!

5:40 am

Blogger Jo said...

pixy - not really. i've seen lots of photos, the agency has other places if it's a total disaster, i moved to this place without seeing it, places always look different when you move in from when you first saw them, it's in a quiet area and very central and i'm aware of the size, every time you move somewhere it's a gamble - how hot/cold will the place be, how noisy are the neighbours, etc...

i'm sure it'll be fine. actually, i plan to go and see what exactly is there later today.

8:18 am


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