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Friday, March 28, 2008

What's New?

I came back from Cambodia on Wednesday evening, after having had a really good time - but I'll try and blog about the holiday later in the weekend.

Since coming back, the days have been starting off reasonably warm, but slowly getting colder and colder... I'm missing the heat of Cambodia. I got back to Tokyo though, to find it's exploded into colour, with white and pink blossom on many of the trees and bright red leaves on the bushes around where I live. It's so pretty. If it was warmer, it would be perfect...

This evening, on the way home, I suddenly had a thought about my keys. Now, this being some nine odd hours since I'd last thought about them, this was rather odd but, realising they weren't where they should be - and searching the my bag about ten times - just in case they turned up suddenly, I went rushing back to the school, to find it locked but had a sudden moment of 'did I leave them in my bike-ness'.

Luckily, my neighbour was prepared to put me up for the night, but I found the keys - sitting in the bike lock! (Yes, I'm a ditz) - Now either nobody noticed or nobody wanted my bike. I was very happy at any rate.

Right now I'm a bit consumed with trying to find somewhere to live. I have until April 20th - which is plenty of time. Kind of. I've thinking about moving into a Gaijin House (or guesthouse as they're otherwisely known) in order to maximise flexibility and minimise cost. And it could be an interesting experience. Although I have loved having my own place here and I am a bit nervous about sharing kitchen, bathrooms, etc with other people again - but they have cleaners in most Gaijin houses.

The problem with moving into an apartment is the move in costs can be huge and, once you put not wanting to pay key money or find a guarantor into the picture and then add deposits and fees and so on the initial money spendout can be huge. There are places available that don't require key money (a 'gift' to the landlord equalling about a months rent - which I won't pay as a matter of principle), etc.

But not wanting to do any of the above seriously limits your options, is my point, so I'm thinking a gaijin house makes sense.

There are some female only ones, the idea of which scares me. Absolutely no male visitors are allowed. That's just wrong. The reason I've been given is that Asian women feel nervous about their safety when sharing with males. Get a grip! Shame some of the female only ones are in such good locations though!


Anonymous Alex Case said...

Does looking for new accommodation mean you are looking to move on in other ways to (he says deperately digging for gossip)

9:03 pm

Blogger Elspeth said...

Losing your keys sounds so like me! Looks like you have been buzy Ill have to read back posts and catch up :)

5:51 am

Blogger Jo said...

Alex - nope! - but if you hear of any accommodation coming free (April 20th is move date) please let me know.

Elspeth - long time no hear! how you doing?

1:52 pm

Blogger Elspeth said...

Im doing really well :) had another baby one reason I never get time to blog lol

11:52 am


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