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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are nutricious, delicious, easy to prepare and fun to be creative with.


preparing them in a postage-stamp sized space and deciding to explore your fridge again without checking whether the lead from your Braun handblender is likely to make contact with the door results in ten minutes of cleaning glop from your carpet, walls, cupboard doors, self.

Not to be recommended.



Blogger Lulu said...

Uh oh! I hope there was still some left in the blender to drink!!!

Sorry I couldn`t make it on Friday...I am busy this weekend coming up (my birthday :) ) on the Saturday and the rest of the weekend i will take it easy because I am still feeling sick from the stomach ulcer...but lets try and catch up in the next couple of weeks...even if it is just for a coffee or green tea! I hope you had fun though on Friday night!

2:08 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Hey Lulu,

How are they treating the ulcer? How DO you treat ulcers?

Friday night was fun. Most of it was spent talking about sex...

And let me know when is good for you. I think from your posts you work 'reasonably' close to where I live so maybe we can sort something out this end of town. Let's email and see anyway.

And yes, I managed to save some smoothie and made up some more.

8:57 pm

Blogger sushizume said...

If it weren't for my braun and green smoothies life in Tokyo would be a whole lot more stressful I think! Great to see we are both on the same path to a peaceful existence here ;)

Bummer about the spill!

Any hot smoothie recipes to offer up?

11:56 pm

Blogger jojoebi said...

hello stranger!
Are you still off on Mondays? If so I formally invite you to our new pad for lunch and a play with my munchkin!
drop me a line when you are free.

8:46 pm

Blogger Jo said...


can i play with all your wonderful toys? do you live more centrally now? i remember you were talking about moving - ages ago! - but can't remember where you said to.

i'm indeed still off on mondays and would love to come and hang out any time that is good for you guys.

hugs to the three of you,


11:03 pm

Blogger Kristen's Raw said...

Cheers to drinking your green smoothies in such a tiny environment. You rock!

6:49 am


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