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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hey! I Can't Be Right All The Time, Can I?

"I think it's getting warmer."

After a fab night out last night drinking (lots of) cocktails, eating good food, enjoying a new Cuban restaurant in Roppongi and MOST IMPORTANTLY laughing and talking with fantastic people, I cycled home from the station with ICY rain hitting my face like little needles.

Woke up this morning, hangover free thankfully, to see the world on the other side of my window covered in thick snow that is not abating!

So, I got up, did the washing up, made a big bowl of porridge (not exactly raw, but suited to the weater), put The Devil Wears Prada onto the DVD player and got back into bed, getting out again only long enough to change other dvd's into the player and go to the supermarket to get some kahlua ( I was craving, kahlua, okay!) and take some snowy pictures.
I was meant to go to a raw potluck party at Veggie Paradise tonight but it's so cold out, and it'll be icy and slippy later and I donno what'll happen with the trains. And I'm a wuss.

Anyway, here's pix from today:

And this is from a couple of weeks ago when it snowed in the middle of our college! The college is centred around an open-roofed courtyard surrounded by classrooms in a sort of square donut. Seeing snow coming in through the middle of the college was quite amusing. And bloody cold.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. Drunken afternoon karaoki'ing from three weeks ago, evening izakaying from two weeks ago:

I think I'll leave these caption free as they kind of speak for themselves!

Class of 2008. Watch out world - this bunch is being let loose on universities in Australia, New Zealand and England. How many of them will survive?

Last night: Beautiful ladies (Angie, Kate, Andi, me, Kylie), fantastic (strong) drinks and a very nice totally vegan cake! - oh and a HOT bar owner!


Blogger Amber said...

Oh yum, he is hot!

You ladies are all very pretty! I love the snow, beautiful photos.

4:20 pm

Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

lol.. welcome to my winter!
bloody awful weather these past few weeks.
but nice to warm up with friend and a pint. (yes just ONE pint for me!) Shocking!!!

12:55 am

Blogger sushizume said...

*gasp* did you find raw/fermented/vegan cocktails in Tokyo? Actually, I don't really need to know because then I might be tempted but... ???

12:01 am

Blogger Jo said...

raw/fermented/vegan cocktails?

nah. we did have a vegan cake though that yuki, from veggie paradise, kindly made us for kates birthday.

on a raw diet, sake is actually one of the most highly recommended drinks. i think white spirits are also not so bad. wine - well, who knows which wines have been fermented using fish skins or whatever....

anyway, do you know 'raw food right now'? over xmas, this is what they had to say on the subject:

What not to Drink:
No beer - The one thing I do not recommend drinking under any circumstances is beer. Beer is not raw, beer is full of chemicals, as well as candida causing hops and grains and malt. Beer and raw food just do not mix.

No hard cider, hard lemonade, etc. - I do not recommend drinking any of the fruity hard ciders and lemonades because of the low quality of alcohol in those beverages. They are made from the cheapest alcohol you can make, from malt liquor. Ever heard of Colt 45? Or a 40 oz.? Yeah. Hard lemonade is made from the same kind of stuff. It's made from cheap liquor, and then they are flavored with who knows what to make them palatable. Malt beverages and raw food do not mix. And yes, I used to drink these quite a bit back in 1998. I didn't know any better.

50/50 Choice - This May Work for You, It May Not
Hard alcohol, Part One - if you are going to drink hard alcohol, I suggest going with Vodka. Preferrably organic vodka, but if you are out clubbing with friends, you may not know what brand they serve. Of all the hard liquors out there, vodka seems to be very pure, with the least amount of weird stuff thrown in. Vanilla Extract is made from vanilla beans soaked in high quality vodka. If you are going to drink vodka, go for something that is not pure shots. Try to choose a drink that has some fruit juice in it. And know that this juice is not fresh squeezed. A cosmopolitan is an option. And if you can get fresh squeezed orange juice, that is great! I can't drink vodka - it's too strong for me. If it works for you, that is great. Just try to go organic whenever possible.

Best Drinks To Choose From:

Sake - Sake is rice wine, and depending on the brand, some are unrefined and can be quite settling in your stomach. Many of the drinks at Pure Food and Wine in New York City use Sake as the alcohol of choice. I am a big fan of sake, but honestly I can not remember the last time I have had it. I might have some sake at my 30th birthday party next month, and when I do, I plan to have just a nice little cup.

Champagne - I have had champagne a few times since going raw. Each time I have had one flute, or I have had one flute of a Mimosa - orange juice and champagne. I enjoy it, it is a luxury for special occasions, and it is wonderful. I never have it on an empty stomach, and I make sure to eat after having my champagne treat. For some reason, champagne sits well in my stomach, and does not give me a headache. For you, it might be your drink of choice! If you are going somewhere, check the wine list. Sometimes they have champagne sold by the flute and not by the entire bottle.

Wine - For most raw foodists, if they approve of any alcohol, they will approve of wine. Because traditionally, wine is raw. What you may not know is that most wines out there are probably not raw. They are processed, they have colors added, they have sulfites added which gives red wine it's "bite". I'm no wino, but I do like a nice glass of wine here and there. If you have not had wine before you went raw because you had some other drink of choice, look into wine. Try different wines out. And whenever possible, look for wines that are:
· Organic
· No Sulfites Added
· Vegan - Look for vegan because some wines add weird stuff. I don't want to scare you, but some of the stuff might be egg shells or gelatin like cow hooves and stuff. Ew. Gross. I'm a vegetarian, and this stuff is yucky. I try to find other wines that are vegan whenever possible.
· Raw - Some wines are made in the traditional way, and they guarantee that they are raw. Cool! You're drinking raw wine!
If you want to learn more about raw wines, you should check out this informative article from our local raw food restaurant, Ecopolitan:

Non-Alcoholic Options
Here are some great non-alcoholic options when you want to share a drink with friends who are drinking alcohol:
· Sparkling water with a twist of lemon - Sometimes I ask for a half of a lemon with my sparkling water - I like a lot of lemon flavor! Don't be afraid to ask for what you want!
· Sparkling water with a twist of lime
· Half Sparkling water, half fresh squeezed orange juice
· Fresh squeezed orange juice
· Bring your own Kombucha - If you are at a house party, bring the Kombucha! I have found that Kombucha gives me the same tingly happy feeling that alcohol used to give me, with the added bonus of feeling energetic and full of ambition to go go go...no alcohol slowdown here! Even if you grab a bottle of G.T.'s Kombucha, that is a much healthier option than to grab a beer or a Long Island Iced Tea.
· Ask for your non-alcoholic beverage to be placed in a really cool glass. Martini glasses work well, highball glasses hold more sparkling water.
· If you buy a non-alcoholic drink, or you have special requests, make sure to tip the bartender well. Bartenders see the people who aren't buying the 7 dollar frozen fru fru drink as cheapskates. They have no idea why you aren't drinking. Make their day. Surprise them. Give them a dollar. And they might even give you a refill of the sparkling water for free next time!
11 Quick Tips For Raw Foodists Considering Drinking Alcohol
· Look at the choices. Find out if there is a wine list available online for the place you are going. Or if you are going to walk on the wild side and have some vodka or a similar liquor, make sure you call ahead to see what the brands the bar has stocked.
· Plan how many drinks you will have tonight as a maximum. Do not go over that limit. Now that you are raw it is dangerous to have any heavy drinking. If you used to have hangovers before, you might have hangovers 10 times more powerful now that you are raw.
· Eat before you drink - If you are going to drink alcohol, eat something before you drink. If possible have something heavy like nuts and seeds, or a big big salad. Even a big green smoothie before you leave will fill you up for awhile and keep you feeling good!
· Depending on how long you are raw, alcohol will work differently in your body than how it used to. Just be aware of what happens. Note the experience you have so you can remember it for next time.
· Take it slow. Don't drink two glasses of wine in 5 minutes, because depending on how long you have been raw, you are going to feel the consequences differently than before you started eating more raw.
· Sip your drink slowly. That is why I like to recommend sake or wine, because they both can be sipped delicately.
· Have a glass of water in between drinks. This is a classic tip from every person who drinks out there. I think this tip is very important because drinking can make you very dehydrated. I am susceptible to this, so I usually drink water before I drink one drink and one glass of water after I drink.
· If you get a slight headache - consume water ASAP! I am prone to getting the alcohol headache. As soon as it happens, recognize that this headache is not going to go away unless you hydrate yourself. Drink some water. Then drink some more.

12:48 am

Blogger sushizume said...

AWESOME thank you!

I am best to stay away from it all...but just in case this is GREAT!

Would love to taste some of those NY cocktails that Sarma makes though.

11:42 am

Blogger Jo said...

Who is Sarma?

Maybe we should have a raw cocktail night?!

are you going to the potluck on saturday?

6:48 pm


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