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Friday, February 01, 2008

The Friday Four

1. I got sent nail files :D

2. I do believe it's getting warmer. Not warm, just warmer!

3. I saw a lovely pink wig today, in a cute bob. I was extremely tempted as I really want one. But 8000 yen (£40) was bit expensive. It IS nice though!

4. I asked thirteen 19-20 year olds would they rather do another session on modal verbs or relax a bit and watch some videos. Would you believe that 9 of the 13 actually chose modal verbs over videos! Kids these days! Anyway, today was the last day of teaching as we torture the kids with exams next week. As for the modals vs. videos debate - I overruled them and inflicted Japanese toilet training, spoof sushi eating, aerobic English, Little Britain and Japanorama at them.

They forgot about the modals.


Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

lol... who was your emery board fairy???
I should try posting "I want...." on my blog too! ;)

1:32 am

Anonymous Aod said...

Nice blog

1:15 pm


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