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Friday, January 11, 2008


I'm actually in the middle of writing about Thailand and Lao at the moment but am feeling pretty rough so am not most enthused about, well, anything.

Back on December 20th I had a load of JACKFRUIT from a street market in Lao:

I always eat street food on holiday, but this time I was unlucky. That night I threw up. A lot. Since then (ie for nearly two weeks) everything I've eaten has gone straight through me, sooner or later. I've also been getting some pretty bad stomach cramps.

Of course, as everyone who knows me can predict, I've not been to a doctor. I've been treating it homeopathically the last couple of days (first with China, now with Arsen Alb, as the symptoms are changing a bit), trying to drink lots of water and to eat as little as possible. I thought my stomach might be able to handle raw smoothies but it's not so happy about those either. It's been a lot worse since Tuesday when I got back to Tokyo, so maybe stress/Tokyo/the fucking cold weather are also a factor.

If anyone has any more suggestions, they'd be welcomed. I really don't want to see a doctor.

UPDATE: Am heaps better. In fact am almost 100% now. Just suffering from the insanity of the cold. Have gone back to 100% raw vegan and Thailand/Laos blog entry is half done. Photos are on my computer so they'll get shoved on too - as soon as.


Blogger Sigsy said...

Gosh - sounds awful, I hope you are feeling better.
If it doesn't clear up soon, I would strongly advise you to go to the doctor and sort it out.
I look forward to hearing more about your trip though.
The up side of the sickness is that you are thoroughly cleaned out ready for your life of raw when you get better.
See you soon!

1:02 am

Blogger Jo said...

lol! yeah, i started back on the raw veganism today. glad to be back! - although i did as well as was realistically possible while away. i mean, i didn't order anything with meat, fish or animal products and avoided cooked too whenever possible. i can't swear the sauces were vegan though.

and i'm still not 100% but i'm getting there. my digestion is settling down and i'm getting a lot less cramping.

4:51 pm

Blogger LivinginOz said...

Oh - sorry to hear that your stomach was playing up so badly. Are you able to get ahold of Pepto Bismal (or some form of pink bismuth?) I swear by that stuff - nothing else helps me when I've got stomach problems. Message me if you want a sample.

7:41 pm

Blogger Kristen's Raw said...


When I worked in Hong Kong, I became almost deathly ill and they nursed me back to health by feeding me plenty of miso soup. I'm writing about it in my next email newsletter in fact (sending it out tomorrow)...try to find vegan if possible, but if not, I imagine it'll still help.

Kristen's Raw

12:32 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Mel - probably a bit late for that. I almost considered going to a pharmacy to get something when it was bad, but I resisted!

LOL, Kristen! Actually am almost back to 'normal' but I have a big pot of miso in the fridge anyway. And you just reminded me to email you for your newsletter!

9:17 pm


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