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Sunday, December 09, 2007


I've got a runny nose today. Not a full-on cold, just a runny nose and low energy. I spent most of today sleeping, to be honest. I did think about exercise, but just wasn't up to it.

Is this psychological or physical, is what I'm wondering. I mean, on the one hand, I'm rundown right now, but I generally always am at this time of year (hence the NEED for a holiday).

Of is it because my body really doesn't like even the smallest amount of cooked food or alcohol?

Friday night I went out with some work mates to an Izakaya. I didn't drink that much (a few kiwi sours) but I was a bit stoned (not that that is any kind of excuse, and it was the first time in a long time) and whilst the eating started off healthily enough with edamame and a salad, chips and pizza were ordered (not by me) and I couldn't help but help eat them as they were there.

Does this mean I, quite simply, cannot ever go out to eat?

Last night Veggie Paradise had its Xmas party. Sigsy, Jen and Jan came with me and I met up with the raw vegan meetup group I've joined before going in. It was really fun! The food was fantastic, as ever - loads of delicious creations. And I restricted myself to three glasses of (organic) wine and had lots of good conversation with some lovely people.

The food was all vegan, of course, but was a mixture of raw and cooked and I knew I shouldn't... but I really wanted to start easing back into a bit of cooked food before Laos. The result of the cooked food? Of course it was lovely, and I didn't have much, but it was enough to make me feel less than 100%.

Anyway, Laos is around the corner now and I can't bloody wait. Did I mention that?

And, when I get back, I intend to get into a regular routine of gym and yoga.


Blogger Kristen's Raw said...

Nope, it does NOT mean that you can't go out. Think of this is always evolving, and make changes as you go. You don't have to commit to 100% Raw right now...or ever for that matter.

Maybe you're 100% Raw for 1-week straight and just commit to that, then go cooked vegan for 2 days...whatever it is, just be flexible, love yourself and know that you're eating a hell of a lot better than most people.

As time goes by, you get used to different social situations and you can make changes as they come. You might be Raw during a lot of them, you might not. Just keep your chin up, smile, and stay as vegan as you can (that's my only recommendation).

You'll figure out what works best for you. Listen to your body, heart and mind.


7:52 am


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