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Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Raw

So, this detox thingy:

I've now been on this diet for almost two weeks. I've had no caffeine or alcohol in this time and no cooked or processed foods, just raw vegetables and fruit. I've also been eating sashimi (raw fish) every couple of days.

You know what? Whilst I've been feeling tired (as normal) I've not been feeling lethargic. I've been feeling a bit gassy while my stomach is adjusting (and this IS settling down now, thankfully) BUT I've not felt bloated like I did before.

I used to eat too much. Even though the majority of what I ate was pretty healthy, the fact IS I ate too much. And obviously it was the wrong things for my body because even after a huge meal, I'd feel hungry again within an hour generally.

On this diet, I've not felt hungry. And if I've felt the need to fill-up a bit between meals, I'm happy to grab a juice. And it does the trick. I've also started drinking warm water to fill my stomach up more.

I am very much an all or nothing person. When I had no restrictions on my diet, although 'healthy' was always on my mind, 'convenient' always won, and so I bought and ate a lot of crap. Now that my options are limited, I'm finding it much easier.

And my fridge is filled with yummy food whereas it was empty previously. AND I've found I'm spending considerably less money on food than I was.

I feel I've lost a little weight. Well, it'd be pretty stange if I hadn't. In fact the only downside is that my skin has gone pretty bad BUT this is part of the detox and I think it's starting to calm down now. I'm hoping so anyway.

Like I think I said last post, this did start off as a month long thing but I'm going to continue it into the long-term - with the exception of mid-December onwards when I'm going to reintroduce foods slowly so when I go away at xmas to Lao I don't have problems there. Come January when I get back though, I'll restart it.

Also, I finally went into the local council gym in the local park here. Of course it's more basic than a swisher gym, but they only charge 500 yen an hour (couple of quid) and no joining fee, plus it's only a 15 minute cycle away. I've not been yet - but I did pick up the information about it! Small steps!

Anyway, enough before I bore everyone rigid. Anyone still reading?


Blogger LivinginOz said...

Wow, Jo, you've got more willpower than I do. I'm doing protein shakes at the moment, and am not sticking too rigidly to it, as I hate that acetone taste in my mouth from burning fat, and the really lousy way I feel when I lose weight. I might have to try it your way and see what happens.

You go, girl!

7:45 am

Blogger Jo said...

mel - i love vegetables and fruit, it's as simple as that. it doesn't 'feel' like i'm restricting myself as there's so much yummy choice and so many combinations!

if you're not enjoying the shakes - give them up. go on. we can start our own mini- tt/bloggers movement!

10:12 am

Blogger Sigsy said...

Still reading babe and I say good on you! Really good on you!

I think your skin might settle down after a few weeks, but it takes a lot more to get skin settled than a couple of weeks I think.

Keep us posted - sounds like you ar ein a great place. And in the absence of boozy nights out - do you want to borrow any dvds?

Lots of love S

2:28 am

Blogger Jo said...

i ALWAYS want to borrow dvd's! although there's so much trashy tv on the internet that i'm kept amused. i'm not good at winter anyway.

the boozelessness will stop at the end of the month, so how about izakaya'ing it some time in december before the holidays?

8:37 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you! And I'm impressed. I think a good detox is the best way to begin the search for balance. If you want to do healthy stuff together (remember that mountain we spoke of?) let me know, ok?
Have you started drinking herbal teas as well? I find they make a nice treat during the cold season.

see ya!

Ps. Did I tell you I have sh-loads of dvds?? Well, I do. Come and browse if you want.

10:28 pm

Blogger Kristen's Raw said...

Hi Jo,
I posted a comment about things to tell people regarding getting enough calories (in response to your question on my blog) a few days back, and it might not have taken. Sorry. I must have exited out from the screen before getting verification that it was posted.

My main thought (in addition to what I wrote on my blog) was that you just have to listen to your own body. If you feel great then that is all that matters. You're responsible for your own health and no one else's and vice versa. Remember that. So, if you're friends and family question you, give them some data based on your caloric consumption, show them how great you feel, and call it a day.

As you increase your physical activity, you need to pay attention to how you feel because you'll probably need more calories. If you find yourself getting tired at all, then it's likely a sign that you might need more calories.

Bottom line: pay attention to your body and take it from there.

2:21 am

Blogger Jo said...

Thanks Kristen. All advice is welcomed!

And I'm very excited about going to Veggie Paradise, a new vegetarian/vegan/raw restaurant in Tokyo, with Jen on Friday :D

10:24 am

Blogger D said...

yeah, still reading!

being doing a vegetarian diet for 9 years. Cannot recommend it enough for the health and the mood. Not vegan, though. Vegans are too much in your face and seem to hate vegetarians more than meat-eaters for some reason.

detox is more hardcore, though! be careful your body is getting what it needs or once you start eating normal again you'll put a lot of weight on.

anybody will be in Tokyo in January 9-13th, by the way?

1:10 am

Blogger Kristen's Raw said...

Hi Hi Hi!
How was the restaurant? Eat any goodies? What kind of raw vegan foods did they offer? VERY excited to hear about your visit.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend! Cheers :)

6:50 am


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