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Thursday, January 31, 2008

All I Want....

See this?:
It's an emery board. It's made of cardboard and covered in a kind of sandpaper. It's for shaping or filing your nails.

And I can't bloody find them in Tokyo. Seriously. I can find smooth ones for 'buffing' or 'polishing' my nails.

I can find metal ones, which I don't like as they make me squirm for some reason, I can find 5,000,000 different nail polishes, nail jewellery, nail extensions, nail clippers, nail transfers, even a special blowdryer for your nails (think miniature version of the dryers you put your hands INTO in public toilets)

BUT I can't find a normal sodding emery board anywhere and the buffing/shining ones are useless.

Do enlighten me where I can find a packet of normal emery boards. Or send me some. PLEASE!


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