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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Japan has four seasons

Why do Japanese people keep telling me this?

The current season is winter with cherry blossom. Sunday was spring - and I got very excited - but then we had two days of heavy rain and strong wind. It's nice again now - but I'm not holding my breath that I'll be back in flip-flops any time soon, which is sad as the very strange tan marks I have on my feet from Cambodia are starting to fade. I rather enjoyed having stripey feet.


Jingles. My local supermarket plays a jingle which can best be translated as: 'fish-fish-fish-fish-fish-fish-fish-fish-fish fish-fish-fish-fish-fish-fish-fishfish' [and repeat].

In 99-yen shops the jingle running is '99-yen, 99-yen, 99-yen, 99-yen'.

Of course, the worst thing is when you spend the next hour after each visit singing the bloody jingles.

And people get paid for writing these? I'm in the wrong job!

Do you have any more mindblowing jingles from local stores?


Days to move: 11
State of apartment: organised chaos


Blogger Payasete Mon said...

Man,I´m in the writting job too for god sake,lol.

11:36 am

Blogger Jo said...

and has 'fish fish fish' influenced you to, er, write a similarly wordy jingle?


12:06 pm

Blogger Poppy & Mei said...

Oh my! Just poped in from D's & BOY do we have tones in common!
Your post made me laugh out loud...mind if I hang around?
Bex. Xxx

2:48 pm

Blogger Poppy & Mei said...

And that would be "popped".
Considering my first born's name you'd think I could that right! Xxx

2:50 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Hey Bex,

Please do! Now, which 'D' are you talking about?

Oh - and cute kids!!!


10:38 pm


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