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Friday, April 04, 2008

It can't be!

Hayfever that is. It can't be hayfever....

In England I got hayfever pretty badly but I never had a problem in Japan. This is pretty common, apparantly, as the allergens are different that going between countries sufferers are okay. Japanese sufferers going to the UK in hayfever season are also generally said to be okay.

Japanese sufferers make me suffer actually. It really does get rather tedious when nearly EVERY student whinges 'i have a-lur-gee' ('hard g' like 'go') EVERY time they walk into my classroom.

Maybe I'll just whinge back...

I had a conversation a couple of years ago: someone told me it generally sets in after about three years. Well, guess what? I've been here 3 years and 6 months and I think I have hayfever. I'm trying hard to convince myself that I don't but, whilst the sneezing and sniffing can be passed off as a cold, the tingling nose and sore eyes really can't.

Great. Just great. And I don't think I have any of my homeopathic hayfever remedy with me either. Actually, I went and checked my supplies and I do have a whole unopened one I bought in June last year. Forget my own head, if it weren't screwed on!

(Still hoping it's just a stress-induced mild cold though! - although 20 minutes of streaming eyes each morning is an 'interesting' symptom)

(And still not really made any headway on packing up / getting rid of my huge amount of stuff).

Stress. Not hayfever. Stress. Not hayfever.



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